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Birthday Announcement - Col. Volney H. Rattan - March 19th 2018
Nov 2017
Oct 2017
On Sunday October 1, 2017, the Virginia Society of The Order of the Founders and Patriots of America participated in a joint Grave Marking Ceremony hosted by the James Monroe and the Richard Henry Lee Chapters of the Sons of The American Revolution along with The War of 1812 Society in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Sept 2017 Newsletter [pdf | 1.0mb]
Aug 2017
On August 12, 2017 former Virginia Society Governor, Mike Lyman, participated in the dedication of a Virginia Historical Highway Marker ceremony. The event was located at the entrance to the Leedstown Campground on the Rappahannock River in Leedstown. Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Virginia OFPA Presents Junior ROTC Award
On May 18, 2017, Associate Carl Bess presented the OFPA JROTC award (Navy) to Cadet Seaman Emily Dugas. The United States Navy JROTC program was held at First Colonial High School 1272 Mill Dam Road Virginia Beach, VA 23454.

Cadet Dugas went through Basic Leadership Training at Camp Pendleton and was recognized at graduation as 1 of 4 cadets (out of a class of 50+) to receive the Honor Cadet Award!

The OFPA ROTC and JROTC award programs reward character and leadership skills which in turn fosters esprit de corps!

Fall 2012 Bulletin

GG Hampton visited the VA Order for several activities 19 & 20 October 2012. He presented a wreath Oct 19th at Virginia Rev War Governor, Thomas Nelson, Jr's gravesite at the Grace Episcopal Church in Yorktown in a VASSAR ceremony.

He marched in the Yorktown Victory Parade with members of the Virginia Society.

He swore in the new VA Governor, Shane Newcombe at the Virginia Society luncheon.

Spring 2012 Bulletin

I would like to thank everyone who attended and assisted with our grave marker ceremony honoring Thomas Claiborne on October 29th. Despite the cold and windy conditions close to 40 people including representatives from various chapters of the SAR, The National Society of the Claiborne Descendants, The Society of the War of 1812 in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the Historic Staunton River Foundation were present. The joint ceremony also honored Patriot John Bell and War of 1812 Veteran John Randolph of Roanoke. Dinner at the 2300 Club was delicious and the program about the eccentric John Randoph of Roanoke was very entertaining. A good time was had by all and the Virginia Society star shined brightly despite the gloomy overcast sky.

On Veterans Day Past Governor Mike Lyman and I represented the Virginia Society at two ceremonies at Shockoe Hill Cemetery in Richmond. The first ceremony was a monument dedication by the Virginia Society and Richmond Chapter SAR, The Virginia State Society US Daughters of 1812 and the Society of the War of 1812 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Over 27 Patriots and 400 War of 1812 Veterans are buried in the cemetery.

Fall 2011 Bulletin

On Monday, July 4th, 2011, VA OFPA participated in activities at Culpeper, VA. The host for the ac-tivities is the Culpeper Minute Men, SAR Chapter.

The colors are posted at the court house. Town and county officials give greetings. Speakers talk about the Revolutionary War. The Fife and Drum Corps play a selection of Revolutionary War songs. The Blue Ridge Choral Society sing patriotic songs. The Declaration of Independence is read. Everyone is invited to sign a copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Following the ceremony, we retire to a local restaurant for lunch and grog, before the parade.

October 2010 Meeting:
Keynote speaker at the luncheon was William L. Simpson, Jr. The very interesting topic was: The Grand Deception: How George Washington Fooled the British and Is Still Fooling Modern Historians.

All were invited to attend the special grave marking of Founders Colonel George Reade and Nicolas Martiau at Grace Episcopal Church in Yorktown.

In Memoriam: Robert Randolph Jones, Jr., 3622, VA OFPA 055. Associate Bob Jones was born September 30, 1943 to Georgette and Robert Randolph Jones, Sr. He passed away in Atlanta, Georgia on March 15, 2010 at age 66, leaving behind one brother and a beloved aunt and uncle, Jimi and Graham Andoe.

He was a member of the Virginia Society of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America. Bob's Dad was a founding member of the Virginia Society. The OFPA was founded in 1896 for those who can trace their ancestry back to the first colonists and who have forefathers in the same male ancestral line who served in the American Revolution. Bob was brilliant, with knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. He had a wonderful sense of humor and exquisite taste. He was greatly loved and will be deeply missed by all who knew him.


Fall Bulletin 2010

Our Virginia Society has come out charging at the beginning of 2010 and has numerous plans to remain that way for the rest of the year.

Working hand-in-glove with the VA Society Sons of the American Revolution and their chapters, the War of 1812 Society in VA and the VA Chapter, Daughters of Founders & Patriots in America has paid off in obtaining new members. They are advertising for us in their newsletters both at the state and chapter level and they are announcing our presence at their meetings and events. We are holding grave markings together, laying wreaths at each other's events and combining funds to purchase plaques. They are for us and we are for them. Our relationship could not be better. I encourage you and your family members to join these societies if you are eligible.

Many thanks go to you, our members, for contributing to make this the best OFPA state society in the nation. Many praises go to you for your financial support. We would be hard pressed to do as much as we do without it.

Welcome to our newest members:
206/5926 - William Ross Grogg, IV
Founder - John Warner
Patriot - Ebenezer Warner, Sergeant
Founder - John Warner settled in Hartford CT in 1635. Patriot Sgt. Ebenezer Warner served in Captain Elijah Humphry's Co., of the 6th Battalion Connecticut Forces, commanded by Col. Return J. Meigs 1777-1780 and provided public service by helping raise the quotas of men for the Continental and State militia in Connecticut.

207/5927 - Walker Chase Shipp Grogg
Founder - John Warner
Patriot - Ebenezer Warner, Sergeant

208/5932 - Ronald Lee Mihills
Founder - Thomas Mighill
Patriot - Moses Mighel
Founder Thomas Mighill settled in Roxbury, MA about 1637. Patriot Moses Mighel was a Private in Captain Bell's Company the 2nd Battalion of the New Hampshire Forces commanded by Col. Nathan Hale; and a private in Major Titcomb's Co., in the 2nd New Hampshire line.

Did you know?

From November 23, 1997 Parade Magazine, article written by Thomas Fleming.

By 1779, there were more Americans fighting with the British than with Washington.

There were no less than 21 regiments (estimated to total 6500 to 8000 men) of loyalists in the British army. Washington reported a field army of 3,468. About a third of Americans opposed the Revolution.

Spring Bulletin 2010

From October 17th through October 19th 2009, the Governor General and Deputy Governor General and wives visited the Virginia Society of the Order of Founders and Patriots.
President General Edward Butler NSSAR and his wife Robin attended the VA Society OFPA luncheon and grave marking on October 17th and the wreath laying and the Yorktown parade on October 19th. The grave marking for the two founders and the patriot was a joint ceremony by the VASSAR and VA Society OFPA. For the first time ever, that the OFPA marched as a separate group in the Yorktown Day Parade held on October 19th.

The VA Society, OFPA in the Yorktown Day Parade, shown in picture are Jerry Hubbard, Mike Lyman, Art Battan, John Bourne, David Lyman, Taylor Cowardin, Charles Hampton and Grady Hall

Fall 2009 Bulletin

The Virginia Society of The Order of Founders and Patriots of America, along with a number of other heritage societies, gathered at the Warner Hall Plantation Graveyard in Gloucester County, Virginia, on October 17th to honor several of our distinguished forebears with a grave-marking ceremony.

The Warner Hall Plantation ceremony was another milestone in the ongoing Virginia Society, OFPA, program to honor America’s founders and patriots, a program that began in 2007 and that has been so well received that it gives every evidence that it will continue as long as the Virginia Society can continue to find eligible gravesites. It should be noted that “well received” pertains to the heightened interest shown by churches, congregations, and other heritage societies involved as well as by present and prospective OFPA members.

The October 17th ceremony honored Augustine Warner I and Augustine Warner II, both 17th Century-era founders, and their great grandson, Warner Lewis, a Revolutionary War Lieutenant. For those not familiar with the Warner name and associated history, among the “footsteps” followed will be those of George Washington, himself. Descendants of Colonel Augustine Warner, in addition to George Washington, include General Robert E. Lee and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. If you and your Society would like further “How-To” information on beginning a very worthwhile program such as Virginia’s, you may feel free to contact The Virginia Society Governor, “Mike” Lyman, whose contact information is on the OFPA website and in the back of this issue of The Bulletin. The program has fostered a great deal of interest from other heritage societies, and from individuals who are prospective OFPA Associates. The opportunities are great for OFPA Societies in all the former Colonies that saw action in the Revolutionary War to honor their founders and patriots as well.

Spring 2009 Bulletin

As a continuation of Governor Batten’s jump start in 2007, we are continuing on a roll this year with a lot of hot branding irons in the fire. The first hot one the Virginia society pulled out was on March 14th at St John’s Episcopal Church Cemetery in Hampton. We permanently branded our mark in the form of a plaque mounted on the cemetery wall there that honors the interred Founders and Revolutionary War Patriots. We are especially pleased by this as our society’s name will be seen by the public eye for many, many decades to come. While in Hampton, we also toured the fascinating Hampton History Museum.

In the next few months Associate Kirby will be pulling out more irons from the fire on behalf of the Society; well over a dozen State ROTC Cadet or Midshipman awards at various colleges and universities will be presented, and even more irons as VA OFPA gives out awards to
Outstanding State National Guard units in the Commonwealth.

This fall we plan to brand our mark again at the Warner Hall Plantation in Gloucester County by honoring Founders and Patriots buried in the same cemetery there. At this ceremony we plan to give the visiting public something permanent to see again, not as a plaque but this time Founder and Patriot grave markers. We are extremely pleased that Governor General Bourne has indicated that he plans to attend. And this year, for the first time, we plan to march as a Society in the parade at Yorktown. We plan to walk with a banner displaying our Order’s name and with our colors so that thousands who normally view the parade will recognize us on sight.

At our two mentioned “branding iron” ceremonies, and the one we conducted last fall at Christ Church Parish in Middlesex County, we have invited the DFPA, VASSAR and VASSAR chapters to participate with us. In addition, we have also invited other lineage societies that honor founders and/or patriots to attend and lay wreaths. Our hope is to raise our Order’s profile considerably and give our Associates an opportunity to mingle and spread the word on the entrance requirements to our unique Order.

Fall Bulletin 2008

Associate Doug Graves and his Grandson Zachary Hall who was inducted into the OFPA as a Youth Associate.

Governor Batten called the April 5th VA OFPA meeting to order at 10:33 a.m. The Culpeper Minute Men Chapter SAR color guard posted the colors.

Treasurer Cowardin gave a treasurers report. Membership donations to ROTC totaled $514.00 in the last dues cycle.

Secretary Moore asked members to forward to him any information or updates that need to be posted on the web site.

Registrar Hyland reported approval of seven new applications since the previous meeting.

Deputy Governor Lyman reported he has identified 102 burials of original founders of Virginia. (Editors note: These Founders meet the OFPA definition of a founder.) He suggested the joint project go forward to place a monument at a cemetery in Middlesex County that has both Founders and Patriots in it.

Governor Batten reported he was pleased with the meeting’s attendance, which was twice the number that attended all of meetings last year combined. In attendance were Associates Arthur Batten, Associates Arthur Batten, birthday. Taylor Cowardin, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cannon, Douglas Graves, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hyland, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lay, Mr. Dominic Lay, Mike Lyman, Donald Moore, J.S. Newcombe, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Price. Col. and Mrs. Volney Rattan and Youth Associate Zachary Hall.

Guests in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hall, plus daughter, Larry Alexander, Wes Graves and Lon Lacey.

A resolution was made, seconded and approved in honor of Past Governor Thatcher Wood.

Governor Batten reported he had been approached by the VA chapter of the Daughters of the Founders and Patriots of America for a possible joint activity and also received an invitation from them for a joint meeting.

Governor Batten asked everyone to observe a moment of silence in memory of Associate Judson Mason who passed away. Then Color Guard retired the colors. After the benediction the meeting broke for lunch at noon.

After lunch, Lon Lacey of the Culpeper Minute Men Color Guard gave a program on the uniform and equipment on the typical militia soldier of the Revolutionary War.

Certificates of Appreciation were give to the CMM Color guard, Certificates of Attendance to all present, and a special Certificate of Appreciation to Volney Rattan on his 92th birthday.

After the meeting, several people went to Old House Vineyard for some wine tasting and enjoyed some fine wines.



Spring Bulletin 2008

ROTC Program

The Society’s ROTC program presented 16 awards in 2007 to cadets in 8 colleges and universities. All were presented in person; something very much appreciated by staff. William L (Will) Simpson III presenting the VA OFPA wreath at the ceremony for The Battle of Kings Mountain, SC, 7 October 2007.



Fall Bulletin 2007

Dr. Daniel C. Warren of the D.C. Society represented the Order at the Jamestown 2007 memorial ceremony. The representatives of the various heritage societies that participated: Dr. Warren is to the immediate right of the two ladies holding the basket. Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine, is in the center of the second row, behind them.
Photo by: Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities.

The Virginia Society is justifiably proud of its Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Recognition Program. For a Society of our size it is one of the finest in the Order. The program truly got jump-started in 2002 when Associate Thatcher Wood organized presentations to three Colleges and Universities in the Hampton-Williamsburg-Richmond area. Under his guidance and with his persistence it has now grown to 15 awards at eight different institutions. The Outstanding State ROTC Cadet or Midshipman Award is presented to a Cadet or Midshipman who has demonstrated superior “qualities of dependability, character, military discipline, leadership, patriotism, and an understanding of the importance of the American Heritage.” This program is the hallmark of our Society .

The VA Society presented 15 ROTC Cadet Awards in 2007, this is a very rewarding experience.

Fall Bulletin 2006

The Virginia Society Councillor General Jerry Hubbard laid a wreath marking the Commemoration of the 255th Anniversary of the birth of President James Madison, on Thursday, March 16th, 2006 at James Madison’s home, Montpelier, in Virginia. Participating in the commemoration was Associate and VASSAR President Jim Bayne, and Associate and Past President of the Virginia Society War of 1812, Mike Lyman.
The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, April 9th, 2006 on the University of Richmond campus at 7:00 A.M. The winner was Cadet Andrew Deel.

The Virginia Society Councillor General Jerry Hubbard laid a wreath marking the Commemoration of the 255th Anniversary of the birth of President James Madison, on Thursday, March 16th, 2006 at James Madison’s home, Montpelier, in Virginia. Participating in the commemoration was Associate and VASSAR President Jim Bayne, and Associate and Past President of the Virginia Society War of 1812, Mike Lyman.
The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, April 9th, 2006 on the University of Richmond campus at 7:00 A.M. The winner was Cadet Andrew Deel.

Thatcher Wood and Cadet Deel

Spring Bulletin 2005

Oath of Office Mrs Silber as Dolley 
Past Deputy Governor General Volney Rattan administers the oath of office to incoming Governor Dr. Daniel C. Warren during the Virginia Society's fall meeting at the Hermitage Country Club, Richmond, VA. Mrs Phyllis Silber, as Dolley Madison, speaking to the Society at the fall meeting.

Spring Bulletin 2004

Governor  Wood laying a wreath
This is Governor Wood walking up to lay a wreath.  He is escorted by the 3rd Infantry Division honor Guard, in the background is the Fife and Drum Corps from the Old Guard