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Tennessee Society News Archive

Spring 2012 Bulletin

Governor Dick Knight was recently on business in Phoenix, Arizona, which gave him an opportunity to meet with the Society's newest member, Kent Worley, and his lovely wife, Tina, in their home in Gilbert, Arizona, and at a local restaurant, where Governor Knight was their guest for dinner. Associate Worley, who collects books on American history published in the 18th and 19th Centuries, presented the Society with a handsome edition of Life of Washington, by Aaron Bancroft, D.D. (1885). Associate Worley has two adult sons, and both of them have expressed interest in the OFPA.

Fall 2009 Bulletin

The Tennessee Society co-sponsored the 4th of July celebration at James White Fort, Knoxville, with local SAR and DAR chapters. Deputy Governor Chris Robbins addressed the public and brought greetings on behalf of the Order. His remarks also included a brief history of the Order and an update on the Order's educational and charitable mission.

Governor Dick Knight represented the Society at the OFPA breakfast held this April in Washington, during Heritage Week.

Prior to their graduation from the University of Tennessee and their commissioning in the armed forces, Col. Jack Westbrook, himself a World War II aviator, presented OFPA ROTC medals and certificates to two outstanding cadets.

Sadly, Stewart Coleman Whittle, a charter member (and a former Chaplain General) succumbed on June 30 following an heroic battle against ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

Spring 2009 Bulletin


In a ceremony attended by the Tennessee Society, a duplicate original of the Bill of Rights was presented at the Tennessee State Museum, in Nashville, where it is now on permanent display.


Fourteen “duplicate originals” of the Bill of Rights were copied, signed, and delivered, one to the District of Columbia and the others to each of the thirteen states. For decades, North
Carolina’s copy could not be found but, when it was discovered several years ago, it prompted a dialogue between North Carolina and Tennessee. At the time of ratification, five of Tennessee’s eastern counties were part of North Carolina. Armed with that fact, Tennessee asked North Carolina to loan its copy to the Volunteer State from time to time.

Unfortunately, because of the document’s fragile condition, North Carolina had to decline the request; however, North Carolina had an exact image of its copy made, down to the document’s damage and discoloration, and in a ceremony attended by the Tennessee Society, the replica was presented last year at the Tennessee State Museum, in Nashville, where it is now on permanent display. It is difficult to distinguish the image from the original.

Deputy Governor Christopher Robbins represented the Tennessee Society at naturalization ceremonies last year in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Tennessee Society met for brunch last December in the Nashville, Tennessee home of Tennessee Society Governor, Richard H. Knight, Jr., and Mrs. Knight.

Governor Knight presented a program on his direct ancestor, Adam Thorowgood /
Thoroughgood, who arrived in Jamestowne on the Charles in 1621 as an indentured servant and, on his death just eighteen years later at the age of 36, was one of the wealthiest men in the colony and the founder of what became Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA. Today, the Thorowgood House is considered the oldest brick dwelling in Virginia. During the Revolution, dozens of Adam Thorowgood’s direct descendants served in the Virginia Militia and the Virginia
Continental Line. Special mention goes to Associate Toni Turk (Mayor of Blanding, Utah) who drove to Albuquerque (350 miles), boarded a plane, and flew to Nashville for the December meeting. The Society’s next meeting will be held in the spring, in Knoxville.

Fall Bulletin 2008

Richard H. Knight, Jr., Nashville Attorney, has been elected Governor of the Tennessee Society of OFPA, succeeding Colonel Jack A. Westbrook, Knoxville, the Society’s charter governor. Knight had served as Westbrook’s deputy governor during the chapter’s first year of existence.

The election was the culmination of the chapater’s annual meeting on Saturday, April 5, 2008, during which the 12 members and guests in attendance heard a presentation by retired Air Force Brigadier General Walter J. Bacon. Bacon enlightened and entertained the group with a presentation on Ramsey House Plantation, an historical venue in Knox County, Tennessee.

Other members chosen for a leadership position were Chris Robbins, deputy governor, and Charles de Leusomme, secretary-treasurer, succeeding George Y. Scarborough.

Special guests included the Reverend and Mrs. Gordon L. Ridenour, Mrs. Carol Robbins, Regent, Andrew Bogle Chapter, Daughter of the American Revolution, and Mrs. Willie M.
Westbrook, member, Admiral David Farragut DAR chapter. Reverend Ridenour, retired
Methodist minister, delivered the invocation.


Governor General Michael Phelps journeyed to Knoxville, Tennessee, for a luncheon on August 11, 2007 to present its Charter to the Tennessee Society. It had been authorized by the General Council during the 111th General Court in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.
Some 13 members and guests were present for the luncheon, including several prospective members. In making the presentation, Governor General Phelps told the assemblage of OFPA’s purposes and activities, the requirements for membership and of some of the programs pursued by other OFPA societies in various parts of our great nation.

OFPA Governor General Michael Phelps congratulates Colonel Jack K. Westbrook on the establishment of the Tennesee Society.