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Ohio Society of the
Order of Founders and Patriots of America

Fall 2012 Bulletin

During the fi rst half of 2012, the Ohio Society met five times: twice each at both the Cleveland Skati ng Club and Cleveland Yachting Club. In February, we gathered at the Shaker Heights Country Club to celebrate George Washington’s 280th Birthday with a dozen other lineage organizations, hosting more than 150 attendees enjoying a grand luncheon. The speaker was Pulitzer Prize winner Prof. Jim Sheeler of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, who spoke about his years as a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News in CO.

Our April speaker was Mr. Dan Rosette who presented a detailed account of Indian war tactics in early New England and Ohio. He also shared some of his large collection of Indian weapons he had gathered from those regions. In June our speaker was retired U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Anthony Fugaro, former Commander of the 9th Coast Guard District, which stretches From MN to ME. He recounted many of his experiences from his postings around the world as he progressed from raw Cadet at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT, through his assignment on the International Whaling Commission in London, England, and becoming an Admiral after a Pentagon posting where he often reported to President LB Johnson. After retiring from service, he spent 10 years leading the Port Authority of Cleveland, OH, in its development as an inland port for world trade.

Our Ohio Governor represented the Society at both the annual meeting of the John Quincy Adams Foundation and the Order’s 116th General Court held in Chicago in May.

Samuel Hartwell
2787 Fairmount Blvd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

John Bourne
1890 East 107th Street
Cleveland, OH 44106-2243

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