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New Jersey Society News Archive

Fall 2011 Bulletin

NJ-OFPA swearing in ceremony. Left to right: Gov-Elect Harry P. Folger, III, Jim Smith (Registrar), Tim Salmon (Councillor), Francis Wood (Treasurer), David Mulford (Chaplin), Louis Miller (Secretary/States Attorney), Mike Dunham (Councillor), Kevin Elliot (Councillor), Denis Woodfield (Councillor General), Joel Riggs (Councillor), Henry Swain (Councillor)

On 23 April 2011, the New Jersey Society inducted new officers for 2011 through 2013. The swearing in ceremony by Gov-Elect Harry P. Folger, III for those present is shown in this picture.

We had the 2nd of a trilogy of the 3rd Battalion Gloucester County New Jersey Militia involvement in the Revoluntary War. Rev Norman Goos discussed their participation at the Battle of Red Bank in October 1777. The

British determined that this Fort impeded their occupation of Philadelphia and hence had to be taken. As history shows, the Hessians marching down from Haddonfield in the Northeast, had little new knowledge of the reconfiguration of the fort that had taken place. Consequently, they were literally ambushed in attacking that portion which was no longer in defensive framework and easily rebuffed in the attack.

Spring 2011 Bulletin

The New Jersey Society's December meeting was held at the Marriott Conference Center, Princeton, New Jersey, on 11 December 2010. The luncheon meeting attended by 24 Associates' and guests, followed.

Our guest speaker Rev. Norman Goos (also Pres of the Col. Richard Somers Chapter NJS SAR), presented a power-point review of perhaps the little-known activities of the New Jersey 3rd Militia Battalion's influential assistance to Gen Washington in the famous Christmas 1776 battle at Trenton and then at the twin battles of Trenton and Princeton a week later.

Rev Goos' message emphasized that rather than staying at home, our patriot ancestors provided part of th highly successful diversion that opened the door for Washington's Christmas victory in 1776 over the Hessians at Trenton, and then on 1 and 2 January 1777, at Trenton and Princeton.

Fall Bulletin 2010

At the annual meeting on 22 May, Rev. Dr. David Mulford entertained the joint luncheon of members of the NJS and the New Jersey Society the Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America. His presentation "Presidential Stories You May Never Have Heard," strictly non partisan, was well enjoyed.

The principal theme was interpreting facts about the Presidents relative to many myths. Some examples given, e.g. George Washington was not a simple farmer. He was very much a "dandy" wearing the latest then-fashionable clothing, and he did not cut down a cherry tree. Abraham Lincoln loathed the nickname "Abe." And the Gettysburg speech had been drafted at an earlier date and not on the way to Gettysburg.

As for the Whitehouse, Rutherford Hayes took credit for not serving liquor, whereas his wife Lucy, known as 'Lemonade Lucy,' was the real reason.

Other Presidents mentioned compared Theodore Roosevelt's vigorous administration to Calvin Coolidge who was diametrically opposite, believing that the less he did the better. Dr. Mulford noticed that Lyndon B. Johnson was a cunning politician who "could read your face" but did not understand the complexities of the Vietnam situation. On an opportune occasion, Stewart Udall entered the Oval Room in LBJ's absence and discovered that the three colored buttons, red, blue and green, on the telephone were for a purpose other than expected. They called for fresca, root beer or coffee.

There was an enthusiastic question and answer period, with many wishing to learn about their favorite President who might not have been mentioned. Dr. Mulford explained that they would be discussed in Part 2 at some future presentation.

At this same meeting, Harry Folger was sworn in as Deputy Governor.

Spring 2010 Bulletin

The NJ Society Associates and guests enjoyed a luncheon at the Nassau Club, Princeton, New Jersey, on 12 December 2009. Governor Robert Locke gave a slide presentation of a “Virtual Tour of the Battleship New Jersey.” There was an enthusiastic Q&A during and following his presentation.

Fall 2009 Bulletin



From left to right: Kevin A. Elliott, Secretary, Gerald G. DeGroat, Governor, George Luck, Jr. and Denis B. Woodfield, Governor Emeritus NJS OFPA and New Jersey Governor for the Jamestowne Society.

The New Jersey Society’s Spring meeting was held at the Nassau Club, Princeton, New Jersey, on May 9, 2009. The meeting was followed by a joint luncheon with members of the Jamestowne Society. An outstanding performance was delivered by guest speaker George Luck, Jr., as he portrayed Dr. John Witherspoon.

Spring 2009 Bulletin


Gerald G. DeGroat, Governor NJS OFPA, President, SRNJ and Frank M. McGonigle, President, NJSSAR.

The New Jersey Society’s Fall meeting, coinciding with an historic event hosted by the Society, was held on December 13, 2008 in Trenton, NJ. The featured event deemed “Joint Celebration”, was host to a gathering of NJS OFPA, SRNJ and NJSSAR associates and members along with their guests. Attendants at the event numbered ninety-two. A Council meeting with twelve Officers and Council members present preceded the event. The Old Barracks Museum provided a number of programs including guest speaker Arthur Lefkowitz, noted author, prior to the luncheon. Peter Osborne, author, historian, educator and director of the Minisink Valley Historical Society, Port Jervis, NY, presented a program entitled, “While New Jersey Slept, New York Was Wide Awake”, during the luncheon held at the Trenton Masonic Temple. Peter’s informative program reviewed issues surrounding the controversy of an ongoing boundary dispute between the two states. The Spring Meeting will be held at the Nassau Club, Princeton, NJ on May 9, 2009.


Governor and Governors Emeritus NJS OFPA, President and Past Presidents, SRNJ and NJSSAR and General Society Officers.

Fall Bulletin 2008

The New Jersey Society held its Spring Meeting, May 17, 2008, at the Bowling Green Golf Club, Oak Ridge, NJ. Guest speaker, Peter Osborne, historian, author, teacher and director of the Minisink Valley Historical Society, Port Jervis, New York, presented a most informative program entitled, “Graveyard Art”. The Fall Meeting will be held in Trenton, NJ on December 13 of this year.

Spring Bulletin 2008

The New Jersey Society held its Fall Meeting, December 8th, at The Nassau Club, Princeton, NJ. Fourteen Officers and Councillors, two Associates and six guests were in attendance. Guest speaker, Steven Santucci, living historian and Adjutant of the 2nd NJ Regiment, Helms Company, Maxwell’s Brigade of the Continental Line, presented a most informative program entitled, “Winter Encampment 1779-1780, Morristown, NJ”. The Spring Meeting will be held in Milton, NJ on May 17th. Gerald DeGroat, Governor (left) with speaker Steven at the December meeting.




Spring Bulletin 2007

Governor George Hill (R) and Deputy Governor Gerald DeGroat (L)

The Fall meeting of the New Jersey Society was held on December 9th, 2006, at The Nassau Club in Princeton, New Jersey. Thirteen Associates were present, including five officers, four other members of the Council, and twelve guests. We welcomed two new members: The Rev. Dr. David E. Mulford transferred back to New Jersey from North Carolina, and Col. L. George Van Syckle was elected to dual membership with the New York Society. Governor George Hill was the speaker after lunch, on “A Revolutionary Family: Ogdens & Edisons - Patriots, Tories, and Much, Much More.” He was introduced by Deputy Governor Gerald DeGroat. The New Jersey Society is planning a very interesting program for the 111th General Court, which it will host from May 25th-28th, 2007. The Conference Headquarters for the General Court will be at the Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, N.J., only a few miles from the Morristown National Historic Park and the sites of two winter encampments by General Washingtonb and the Continental Army.

Fall Bulletin 2006

Left to right: Peter Hill - Councillor General, Haddonfield, NJ; Richard Chappell-Registrar, Wilmington, DE; Richard D. Smith, Sr.-Governor, Chaddsford; Robert A. Kilgore-Deputy Governor, Malvern; and David Rawson, former Governor, Malvern.

The Annual Meeting of the New Jersey Society was held at the Nassau Club, Princeton, N.J., on May 6th, 2006. Fifteen Associates of the New Jersey Society were present, including Governor General Robert Pond Vivian, a Governor Emeritus of the Society, and ten guests. The 54th Governor of the Society, Dr. George James Hill, recalled that the New Jersey Society was founded 110 years ago, and that it was incorporated in the State of New Jersey on April 21st, 1897. During the past year, the New Jersey Society was formally granted tax-exempt status as a New Jersey corporation, an important step in its planning to be the host society for the General Court in 2007. Deputy Governor Gerald Glenn DeGroat introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Charles Stuart Prestopine. Mr. Prestopine, a re-enactor, spoke on “Miracle at Valley Forge: The Rest of the Story,” in which he described “the true beginning and momentum of the Continental Army.”

Spring Bulletin 2006

Left to Right: Robert Reynolds, Councillor General Denis Woodfield and Governor George Hill holding the portrait.
The New Jersey Society of the Order held its Fall Meeting December 10th, at The Nassau Club in Princeton. In attendance were 12 Officers and Councillors, 6 Associates, and 9 Guests of the Society.

The principal speakerwas Governor Emeritus Denis B. Woodfield, D.Phil., who spoke on “Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening in New Jersey.” Associate Robert Reynolds spoke about Associate Washington Irving Lincoln Adams, born in Scarsdale, New York, in 1865; died in 1946. He applied to join the Founders and Patriots April 17th, 1896. He was No. 1 in N.J. State and No. 10 in the General Order. His original complete application papers are being held in a special file.

The Spring Meeting will be held in Princeton on May 6th.

Fall Bulletin 2005

[L-R] Bruce Dickerson, Bob Vivian, Carl Riker, and George Hill
Four New Jersey Governors [three past, one present] touch the Governor’s Star in this photograph taken at the conclusion of the Society’s 2005 Spring Meeting held April 30th at the Country Club in Milton, NJ.

Governor General Vivian installed Dr. Hill as Governor for 2005-2007 and presented Associate Riker with OFPA’s Meritorious Service Award for his significant contributions to the advancement and well being of both the Order and the New Jersey Society. An audience of 35 Associates and guests attended the Annual Meeting and heard Daniel Bazikian, M.A., an expert on the Burr-Hamilton Duel, discussed the famous confrontation at Weehauken, NJ and offered interesting, little-known facts about what happened.

Spring Bulletin 2005

(L - R) Guest Speaker Lt. Col Brian Haig, USA, (Ret), NJ Society Governor Bruce Dickerson and Governor General Robert P. Vivian.

The New Jersey Society held their 218th Council Meeting of the Society and the Fall Meeting of Associates and their Guests on December 11, 2004, at the Nassau Club in Princeton, N.J.

Attending were 21 Officers, Councillors, and Associates. Guests of the Society included men and 6 ladies.

Fall Bulletin 2004

Past Governor Riker, Governor General Vivian & Governor Bruce Dickerson
(L-R) Past Governor Carleton Riker, Governor General Bob Vivian and Governor Bruce Dickerson

The NJ Society held their 217th Council Meeting and the Spring Meeting of Associates and their Guests, at the Bowling Green Golf Club in Milton, northern NJ. The date was June 8th.

Attending were 15 Offi cers, Councillors, and Associates. Guests of the Society included 3 ladies and 4 men. Governor Bruce B. Dickerson organized the Meeting, assisted by Deputy Governor George J. Hill. The Fall Meeting is planned for the Nassau Club, in Princeton, NJ

Spring Bulletin 2004

The New Jersey Society held their Fall Meeting on December 13, 2003 at the Nassau Club. Due to bad weather our attendance was limited to 22 enthusiastic Associates.

The speaker was Ronald Goldberger, a member of the New Jersey Historical Society. R. Goldberger gave a very interesting presentation about How History has Maligned Aaron Burr.

We have added 2 more Associates.

Fall Bulletin 2003

Governor Dickerson and Past Governor Woodfield
Governor Bruce Dickerson and Past Governor Denis Woodfield

The NJ Society held their 125th Council Meeting and the Spring Meeting of Associates and their Guests, at the Bowling Green Golf Club, in Milton, northern NJ. The date was April 26.

Attending were 17 Officers, Councilors and Associates. Guests of the Society included 9 Ladies and 3 Men.

Governor Denis Woodfield passed the gavel to Bruce Dickerson, who was a past Governor. Deputy Governor Elect, George Hill. Councillor Elect was Joel Riggs and Historian Elect was David Elwell. The Fall Meeting will be held at the Nassau Club in Princeton.