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North Carolina Society News Archive

Spring 2012 Bulletin

This has been an eventful year for your NC Society. We have had two successful meetings, one in Olde Salem (Greensboro) and one at Pete Jaeger's horse farm in Chapel Hill, both fairly well attended – but I would like to have more.

The one in Olde Salem was educational, having Jake Ruddiman from Wake Forest History Department speak and the second, more of a relaxed social gathering with our great cooking host, Pete Jaeger, who along with his wife, Gael, gave us some history of the Morgan horse breed and a personal tour of Flintlock Farms.

Our OFPA Flag will be on permanent view at the House of Flags in Columbus, NC. The House of Flags has just opened on November 11, 2011 in a permanent two story building next to the County Offices. The House of Flags has daily educational programs for schools and patriotic groups.

Fall 2011 Bulletin

The Old Salem Tavern Meeting meeting was called to order by Governor Dr. Robert Baldwin at 10:00 AM and the colors were posted before the meeting started and the Pledge was recited. Chaplain Ray Maxson gave the opening prayer.

Gov. Bob welcomed the members and wives and introduced the history of our meeting Tavern. The Salem Tavern was a Patriot stronghold during the Revolution and this room was occupied by General George Washington on his southern tour, so this is a place that can boast "Washington Slept Here", a historic meeting location, and the ONLY NC-OFPA Meeting that can make this claim.

The Guests were introduced. Prospective Member Shelton Woodson and his wife have already presented their OFPA paperwork for membership, due mostly to Mrs., Woodson's efforts. Dave is already an active SAR member, but his pre-revolutionary line is even more interesting.

Gov Bob & Registrar Grady – Applications. His lineage came from Virginia, and there are two branches – the "Potato Hole Woodson's" and the "Wash tub Woodson's". This comes from the very survival tale of the Woodson's when Indians attacked their log cabin. Mrs. Woodson saved herself and her two sons by scalding one of the two Indians who came down the chimney and stabbing the other with a hot poker. She hid her two sons – one under the Wash Tub, and the other in the Potato Cellar – a hole in the floor to keep the potatoes cool for the summer.

The second Prospective Member was Dave Wasserboehr, also a member of the SAR, who is has ancestors from the witches of Salem, Massachusetts, and he has two of his ancestors that were found guilty of being witches and lost their lives in that despicable historical event in the 1600's. And during these troubling times, his ancestors survived Indian attacks and the Revolutionary War that was so violent near Boston, MA. It was noted that several of the members had ancestors that crossed paths in the New England area, at Yale and in Rhode Island and were also members of the Mayflower Society.

The Secretary, Ray Maxson, gave the report of the minutes of the previous meeting that was summarized in the NC-OFPA Newsletter of October, 2010. The minutes were approved. Then the Budget was presented by the Treasurer. It listed the Previous 2010 Proposed Budget and the 2011 Proposed Budget – side by side for comparison. In the past we projected a loss, but were able to cut costs by sending our newsletter by email and cutting down the meeting expenses. These changes were reflected in the 2011 budget. So far we are on budget and expect to have at least one new member to help with the income. The proposed budget, from Ray, was approved by all the members, and is estimated that some of the estimates may be less in the actual for 2011. The two ROTC Awards for UNC and Duke were purchased by the NC-OFPA and presented by our Advocate Pete Jaeger.

Spring 2011 Bulletin

NC OFPA Fall Court: It was a beautiful day as Governor Grady Hall opened our 2010 NC State Court at the Golden Corral in Statesville, near the 1760 living historical site of Fort Dobbs.

At the end of our meeting, We had a Memoriam for Thatcher Stoddard, Wood who died this year at the age of 84.

Thatcher served as Sec/Treasurer and 3 terms as Gov. of the Virginia Soc of the OFPA. At National he served as Awards Chairman, he started the VA OFPA ROTC award that has now grown to 17 awards across the state.

Thatcher was instrumental in the rebirth of our NC Society and gave invaluable advice and friendship to everyone who met him. He will be missed and remembered with much reverence.

The 2010 Kings Mountain Celebration:
This was the 230th celebration and was well attended by School Children Classes from South Carolina, Boy Scouts, SAR, CAR, DAR, and Family Ancestors of the Patriots and Over the Mountain Men who led the Victory at Kings Mountain. Nearly all of the National SAR Officers were present for this tide-turning Victory. This great victory of only 80 minutes resulted in 28 Patriots killed, over 300 Tories killed and about 300 captives. About 200 Tories escaped. At this time, this was the major Tory Irregular Force in the Carolinas. Most of the captives were freed with a neutrality promise.

Kings Mountain Victory 2010: The Kings Mountain Celebration lasted all day and had over 200 visitors and 60 wreaths presented during the Mountain Top Celebration.

The celebration of Meck Dec Day (May 20) in Charlotte was a big event. A statue was made of the famous Ride by Captain Jack from Charlotte to the American Convention in Philadelphia, PA in 1775. He was carrying the Meck Dec – the First Official Declaration of Independence from England by a colony government.

NC Society Awards: The most visible part of our organization is the ROTC and other Patriot Recognition Awards that we present. These public ceremonies help to publicize our Order and keep the Patriotic Flame glowing. If you have any deserving recognition, let us know and we will be glad support your activities with OFPA Awards.  


Fall Bulletin 2010

Fort Dobbs, the site of our NC State OFPA Court, is where the North Carolina French and Indian War started. England and France were enemies for centuries before either claimed parts of the New World. In North America, the conflict involved settlers, soldiers, and native peoples. The climax was the French and Indian War of 1754-1763.

France attempted to connect their extensive domination in America by uniting French Canada and Louisiana. She captured land in western Virginia and began a line of military posts from the Great Lakes to the Ohio Valley. North Carolina was the first colony to respond to Virginia Governor Dinwiddie's call for military assistance. This was the first time a British Colony voted to support troops outside of its own borders on behalf of a common cause.

The North Carolina provincial soldiers consisted of 750 men. When the war began, North Carolina's unprotected frontier settlements were considered a risk from Indians friendly to the French. In 1755 Gov. Arthur Dobbs persuaded the NC legislature to build "a Barrack and Fort for the Company on the Western Frontier." Fort Dobbs was completed in December of 1756, near the present Statesville, NC.

Fort Dobbs was the only fort in western NC and was attacked by 70 Cherokees. They were repelled by the 50 NC Soldiers defending the western NC on 27 Feb. 1760. The British Colonies continued the war and it was essentially won by 1761 in the west. Fort Dobbs is being reconstructed.

Spring Bulletin 2010

Last year was the first year that the Founders and Patriots marched in the Yorktown Victory Parade as a group and I am proud to say that the North Carolina Order was well represented. The year of 2010 has begun with our involvement at the statue of Gen. Daniel Morgan in Spartanburg, SC on Jan 16th followed by the 229th Anniversary of the Battle of Cowpens. There were members of our Order at both events from North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

North Carolina Treasurer Robert Baldwin at the burial place of his Revolutionary War ancestor, Isaac Baldwin, Jr., in Pompey, NY.

Spring 2009 Bulletin

The North Carolina Society of the OFPA won the J. Michael Phelps Award for 2008. This is the first winner for the Award for “Society With Fewer than 50 Associates Demonstrating Best Overall Performance in Accomplishing the Objectives of the Order.” As a newly revitalized Society in 2005, North Carolina has been fortunate to win the Hinkley Award in 2006. So we are keeping busy and active with over 16 appearances each year. And we have initiated two Founders Plaque Presentations this past year, one for Founder Nathanael Batts of North Carolina, and one for Founder Richard Maxson of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

NC Governor Grady Hall, Youth Member, Conner Kelly and Grandfather, Ray Maxson Past Governor of the NC-OFPA

At the June Meeting of the NC-OFPA, our FIRST Youth Member, Conner Kelly, was admitted and a certificate was presented. The Youth Member is 10 years old and has his paperwork from his Grand Father, Ray Maxson. Conner Kelly has attended nearly all the OFPA and SAR events as a CAR during the past two years. He also carried the OFPA Flag in the Commemoration of the Battles of Cowpens and Ramsour’s Mill in Lincolnton, NC, this past month.

The Order of Founders and Patriots of America (OFPA) has a program to commemorate the Founders of America. Founders are identified as any male head of family that is documented to homestead or live in any of the 13 original colonies during the first 50 years, from 1607 to 1657. There are about 2280 Founders of Early American Families identified. Richard Maxson qualifies for his homestead in Portsmouth, RI.

Richard, the Founder of all known Maxsons, (Maxons) in America first came to Boston in 1634 as a servant and blacksmith, in the service of Mr. Averill. In 1639 he moved to Portsmouth, RI, signed the Portsmouth Compact of 1639, and became a Founder of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. He had land in Portsmouth and had two sons, Richard and John. Tradition says that Richard and his oldest son, Richard, Jr., killed by Indians at Throggs Neck, NY, in 1643, but his son John survived and returned to live in Newport & Westerly, RI, and became the ancestor of all Maxsons in America.

So to make a lasting memory to Richard, his stepping stone was placed at Founders Brook Park in Portsmouth, RI, on May 24, 2009, along with the other Founders who came in 1638-1639. This honors him for founding his descendants, who are here today due to his spirit of adventure and endurance. His essence guided his descendants in surviving, multiplying, taming America, and fighting for the Independence of The United States of America. Some of his descendants, numbering over 2000, also participated in our country’s vast expansion. To attest to the Maxson spirit of adventure, The stepping stone was donated by the Western Maxsons from Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho. This was celebrated by the Maxson Family members, and The Society Orders. About 30 attended the ceremony.

Fall Bulletin 2008

There is rarely an event that is better remembered or more long-lasting a legacy for your life than the Grave Marking of your Ancestor. This is usually for your Patriot’s grave with a SAR Color Guard ceremony or with your ancestors at a Family Reunion. The grave of my Founder, Richard Maxson was never identified, because he was massacred by the Indians at Throg’s Neck, New York. His wife, Rebecca escaped on a barge back to Rhode Island and all the Maxsons descended from John Maxson in Rhode Island. I dedicated my Patriot, Col. Jonathan Maxson’s grave with a SAR Patriot’s Marker in 2001. It was worth the work of finding his grave. The grave was off on an abandoned weed filled hill with a marker that mis-spelled his name. I corrected this and it will last for hundreds of years.

You are encouraged to find your ancestor’s graves and mark them with a current commemoration for your own descendants and the memory of your ancestors’ contribution to the United States. When you check the list of our grave markings or wreaths for the North Carolina Society of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America, please contribute to our cause, spread the word of our society and come and participate if you can. This is both a tribute to the sacrifice of our ancestors’ and their patriotism. Now rather than the 30 percent of the Country that acted as Patriots for the founding of America, we only have about 1
percent who are in the military and carry the load of protecting our freedom and safety from
terrorists. By being active members of the NC-OFPA we can do our part for Patriotism and we need your help. I hope you can help out at our next NC State OFPA wreath laying.

At the Celebration of the Battle of Cowen Ford, in Huntersville, NC on January 26, 2008, the North Carolina Society of the Orders of Founders and Patriots of America, commemorated the grave of General Davidson. He was killed at the battle and in his memory the town of Davidson was built and Davidson College was started.

This was attended by over 60 celebrants for the OFPA, SAR, DAR and CAR. The NC - OFPA participates in the celebration at least 14 Patriotic Celebrations, Grave Markings and Parades each year. This is a great way to gather interest and new members.

NC State Governor, Ray Maxson encourages you to find your ancestors’ graves and mark them with a current commemoration for your own descendants and the memory of your ancestors’ contribution to the United States.



Spring Bulletin 2008

The North Carolina Society’s Fall meeting was a 3-day Joint Court with the National Board of tDaughters of the Founders & Patriots of America in Asheville, NC. We had a great meeting with over 50 attending. We also had a tour of Asheville and the Biltmore House, along with a new member paperwork session for three new members. The Fall colors of the leaves along with our wine-tasting socials made the meeting memorable for us all.

During the meeting we approved expansion of our Graduation Awards to the Top Cadet for College ROTC Program from the three we have now:
Duke, UNC Chapel Hill and The Citadel to add NC State University, Davidson College and another College to be approved in 2008. At the Joint Court, the NC-DFPA invited us to their Spring Meeting in Washington DC on April 9, 2008. We are planning to attend in force. Then we hope to have a big attendance at the Spring General Court in Boston. This is a special
Court, because many of our Founders came from the Boston general area, and this Court has significant historical patriotic connections. My Patriot, Col. Jonathan Maxson, mustered in at Boston, and my Founder, Richard Maxson arrived in Boston as a Blacksmith.

For our final meeting of the year NC-OFPA was invited and about 20 percent of our membership attended the chartering of the South Carolina Society in Charleston, South Carolina with SC-OFPA Governor. Dr. Tommy Leland, our Governor General Mike Phelps and
Governor Ray Maxson. We are looking forward to more joint SC and NC meeting in 2008.

Ray Maxson and new Associate Grady Hall at Grave Marking for Hall’s Patriot Ancestor in Harmony, NC; November 2007.

Fall Bulletin 2007

Our ROTC Programs are the most visible events for young leaders. Last year we had the Citadel and UNC Chapel Hill. This year we have added the Outstanding Cadet at Duke to our Program Awards. I was honored to hear from our States Attorney, Pete Jaeger, this past month concerning the request for a repeat of the UNC Chapel Hill Outstanding Cadet Award, and the new request from the ROTC Program Commander from Duke. It is a struggle for Pete to get to both of the events, since they are on successive days at two campuses.
The Citadel Award for Outstanding Cadet is being handled by our Secretary-Treasurer, Lonnie Mixson.

Fall Bulletin 2006

The North Carolina Society’s September meeting was held 10:30 a.m., Saturday morning, September the 11th at the Single Brothers Workshop in historic and scenic Old Salem, North Carolina. Minutes of the March meeting were read, our 2006 Offi cers were elected and various issues discussed. Among these issues were topics such as Society finances and the need for additional funding, the ROTC program, the book donation program and the need for the development of a life membership program. All of these will be touched on in the Governors Corner, below. As the discussion was lively and extended, the membership adjourned to lunch with the ladies at a neighboring colonial era tavern for a delicious repast consisting of dishes served in the 1700’s.

After lunch, discussions were concluded, action items were assigned and a talk was then delivered by a former CIA Officer on “Intelligence: What it meant to our Founders, our Patriots and to us today in the War On Terror.” This generated many questions and a lively give and take discussion. Several Associates praised the speaker and stated that they had a better understanding of “where we are in the world today.”

Fall Bulletin 2005

Woody Stearns and Thatcher Wood at the 109th General Court

The North Carolina Society’s By-Laws have been written and a draft copy forwarded to the OFPA Attorney General for review. Our By-Laws are based on the Virginia Society’s By-Laws which were carefully converted and modified to reflect the needs of our organization. Our sincere thanks to NC Associate Stanley C. Squires [our Registrar] who has invested many long hours and much effort into writing our By-Laws. Hopefully, they will be reviewed and approved during this month’s General Court.

Spring Bulletin 2005

North Carolina
(L to R) CG Thatcher Wood, GG Robert Vivian, NC Gov Joseph Norcross, Registrar Stanley Squires and Councillor Jerry Hubbard.

“Project Phoenix”, a multi-year effort to re-establish North Carolina as a viable Society within OFPA came to a successful conclusion on Saturday, March 12, 2005 when Governor General Robert Vivian formally installed Joseph Arnold Norcross as Governor. The other members of the new NC Team include Peter Corson, Secretary-Treasurer; Stanley Squires, Registrar; Frank (Pete) Jaeger, States Attorney; Donnel (Jerry) Hubbard, Councillor; and Thatcher Wood, Councillor General.

At the Annual Meeting Governor General Vivian paid special tribute to the late Bruce Butler, long-time Society Treasurer and Bryan Bechler, now a resident of Washington State, as “the glue that held the NC Society together even in its darkest hour.”

Vivian also pointed to the strong support and encouragement of the VA Society -- and especially to the work of past Governor Thatcher Wood, who directed the operation and to VA Registrar and former Registrar General, Jerry Hubbard, as well as to NC Associate and Interim Governor Emory (Woody) Stearns II, who had to resign for personal reasons.

Through their efforts and with the support of current VA Governor Dan Warren, other VA Associates who became dual members, and NC members who dropped and decided to renew such as former NC Governor and Deputy Treasurer General Grant Peterson (he kept the Charter safe, stored the “official” stationery and offered helpful suggestions and background information), the NC Society, like the mythological bird, has arisen from its ashes.