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Fall 2012 Bulletin

It’s been awhile since I last communicated with you, but your Society has not been idle. The first meeting of 2012 was held in Raleigh in conjunction with the SAR celebration of George Washington’s birthday. I planned to attend had to cancel due to a medical issue. Ray and Grady provided representation for NC have added several new members and many thanks to Grady Hall for his efforts in getting the appropriate paper work through channels. We have expanded our ROTC awards, having added Wake Forest and Appalachian State to our list of programs – there is room for more..

In additi on to the one in the Raleigh area that is done by Pete Jaeger. We are trying something new this year – providing a stipend of $50 to each award recipient. Hopefully this can be continued if the funds are made available. The ASU recipient was most appreciative.

Last weekend I was paid a visit by Ray Maxson [currently Deputy Secretary General, Chairman, and NC Secretary/Treasurer] and his wife, Helen. He presented our Society with the 2011 J. Michael Phelps Award which the NC Society has now won in three of the last four years.

It is awarded to the Society with less than 50 Associates that best demonstrates the overall performance in accomplishing the objectives of the Order. This is evaluated primarily through the Annual Report that is submitted at the end of each calendar year by your Governor, with the help of all the Associates who participated in “activities” during the year. Congratulations to all the NC-OFPA members who were active, sent in pictures and made us a National OFPA Winner.

Frank Hall
114 Ridge Creek Ct
Salisbury, NC 28147-7884

Andrew Smith
3265 7 Lakes West
West End, NC 27376-9302

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