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Maryland Society News Archive

Fall Bulletin 2010

The year Two Thousand Nine has been a very slow year for the Maryland Society. There were two meetings scheduled: June and November.

The meeting on June 7th was held in conjunction with the Maryland Branch of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims at the Candle Light Inn in Catonsville, MD. Our speaker was Ms. Nancy N. Kurtz from the Maryland Military Monuments Commission. Her program reviewed many of the military monuments which the commission has restored throughout Maryland. Seven members of the Order out of 19 were in attendance.

The usual November joint luncheon meeting held with the Pilgrims at the Naval Academy before the annual Massing of the Colors program was cancelled on November 9th. The Superintendant would not allow the program in the chapel this year. The date was changed to Nov. 15th and moved to the Annapolis Senior High School auditorium. The Governor General and those general officers meeting in Washington the previous weekend were then not able to attend as in past years. The 2010 program will now be held at St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Church Circle in downtown Annapolis on either the 7th or 14th of November.

Our meeting date had already been changed to November 15th, which then conflicted with the Massing of the Colors program. It was held at the Candle Light Inn with eleven members of the Order out of 30 in attendance. The topic presented was online genealogical searching by Maryland Pilgrim's Governor Carroll J. Collins.

Fall Bulletin 2009


Frederic Briggs presenting award to Erin Arthur at the US Naval Acadamey.

Past Governor Frederic Schuler Briggs attended the United States Naval Academy presentation of Prizes and Awards on May 21st in Annapolis, Maryland. He presented the Admiral Dewey Award to Erin Elizabeth Arthur. She stood highest in the professional courses in naval weaponry and excelled in the weapons phase of at-sea training.

Fall Bulletin 2008

Seen in the picture below, Fritz Briggs presents Jared Richard Shullick, Midshipman First Class with the Admiral Dewey Award at the U.S. Naval Academy on May 22, 2008. This award is given to the midshipman of the graduating class who stands highest in the professional courses in Naval weaponry and who excels in the weapons phase of at-sea training.

Fritz Briggs presents Jared Richard
Shullick, Midshipman First Class with the
Admiral Dewey Award at the U.S. Naval
Academy on May 22, 2008.

Spring Bulletin 2006

Left to Right: PGG and Former MD Society Governor, Granvillle W. Wehland; Governor General Robert P. Vivian; and MD Society Governor, Robert E. Lyons.

The Maryland Society participated in the “Massing of the Colors” ceremony held November 13th, 2005 at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Pictured are PGG and former MD Society Governor, Granville W. Lyons; Governor General Robert P. Vivian; and MD Society Governor, Robert E. Lyons. Governor Lyons is dressed in the uniform of a soldier in the Maryland Continental Line. PGG Wehland carried the flag of the Order, and Governor Lyons carried the MD state flag.

Spring Bulletin 2005

(L-R) Ms Betty Bradway and PGG Granville Wehland

Maryland's Treasurer, Granville W. Wehland, a Past Governor General and Chairmain of Volume Five of the “Register”, presents a copy to Ms. Betty Bradway, Historian General of the Society of Mayflower Descendants on behalf of the Order in grateful appreciation of that Society’s aid to the Order and the storage space the Society of Mayflower Descendants provided over the many years in their library in Plymouth, MA for the books and documents of the Order.

Fall Bulletin 2002

Looking for ways to build awareness - and support in the regional community of institutions having books and records of interest to aspirants of The Order, the Maryland Society has begun a program to carry that out. Admittedly, the program titled the Maryland Society Library Alliance Program, has no comprehensive plan at this point and some actions have had no apparent effect, but this approach has promise for improving the quality of worksheet documentation, thereby speeding the process to validate and register new Associates, to make many people and societies aware of the Order and to support one of our primary sources of information, the libraries with genealogical resources.

The Kuethe Genealogical Library in Glen Burnie, Maryland, is the initial participant in our program. Three knowledgeable members of the volunteer staff attended one of our meetings and spoke about the library, its resources and mentioned some things they thought The Order could do for and with them. They were very interested to have a copy of Colket and our Register. They mentioned that Associates applications and documentation could be copied and added to their manuscript resources. They opened the door for mutual activities.

On our part, we placed in the Library a small sign calling attention to the Order, naming contact, our Secretary, and copies of recent Bulletin issues. By the time this reaches you, we will have conducted jointly their annual “Research Center Seminar”, a surprisingly well attended event in recent years. Our Registrar will be one of the speakers and Associates will be present to answer questions and encourage interest. The Seminar flyers, with prominent recognition for the Order, will have been distributed to over 150 public institutions in the five county region between Washington and Baltimore. The web site will be up through November.