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Illinois Society of the
Order of Founders and Patriots of America

Fall 2012 Bulletin

At recent joint meeti ngs of the Illinois Society, OFPA, with other groups including the IL Huguenot Society, DFPA, DAC, A&H, the quality of the speakers was so outstanding that we wanted to share them with our Bulleti n Readers and absent members.

The Rev’d Peter Bennington Irvine, proud OFPA new member, spoke at the Hilton/ Northbrook on The Huguenot Psalter. His talk included piano accompaniment to demonstrate the uniqueness of early Huguenot sacred music. Fr. Irvine is an Episcopal priest resident in the Diocese of Chicago, and is a composer, musician and director of eucharisti c music.

Also, the University of Notre Dame’s Visiti ng Chair of Irish Literature and Language contributed a world class speaker in the person of Ruan O’Donnell, Ph D. On staff at the University of Limerick, Dr. O’Donnell’s topic was “The Profound Infl uence of the American Revolutionary War Within the Cause of Irish Freedom”. He is the author of three new works published by Trinity University, Dublin in this field.

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