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Florida Society News Archive

Spring 2012 Bulletin

left to right: Ed Engelhardt, Peter Douglas , Grant Wallin, Harry Hollien, Larry Peck Sr., Raleigh Worsham, Ed Neugaard, Don Wilson, Bob Baldwin, Ron Benson, and Robert Sprague.

The Florida Society held its Fall Meeting on Oct. 29, 2011 at the St Pete Yacht Club at St. Petersburg, Florida. Officers Raleigh Worsham, Governor; Ed Engelhardt, Secretary; Ed Neugaard, Chaplain; Ronald Benson, Registrar; and Harry Hollien, Treasurer, were present.

The meeting was a joint meeting with the "Admiral Gaspard de Coligny Chapter" of the Huguenot Society of Florida. Governor Raleigh Worsham enlightened the group with a bit of history about his Huguenot and Revolutionary Ancestor - Brigadier General Andrew Lewis - hero of the Point- at the Battle of Point Pleasant recognized by some as the first battle of the American Revolution. Reports were given by our secretary and treasurer and I can say that our finances are in good order. Our next meeting will be March 31, 2012 the Eaglebrooke Country Club.

Fall 2011 Bulletin

The Florida Society held its Annual Meeting on March 26, 2011 at the Club at Eaglebrooke, Lakeland, Florida. Officers Raleigh Worsham-Governor; Dana Gowen, Deputy Governor; Ed Engelhardt-Secretary; Ed Neugaard - Chaplin; Ronald Benson-Registrar; and Harry Hollien-Treasurer, where elected to a new term and new members Ron Benson and Larry Peck, where sworn in.

March 2011 Annual Meeting from left to right: Ron Benson, Jack Ashcraft, Larry Peck Sr, Raleigh Worsham, Ed Engelhardt, Robert Sprague, and Peter Douglas

Jack Ashcraft was commended for all of the hard work that he has done for the Florida Society over the past several years that he has held office - fund raising, recruiting, and organizing our meetings. His leadership will be missed by all of us.

Reports were given by our secretary and treasurer and I can say that our finances are in good order. ROTC Awards were given to outstanding students at FSU in Tallahassee, USF in Tampa, University of Tampa, Florida Southern College, and Florida International. Our next meeting will be on October 29, 2011 at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, Florida.

Spring 2011 Bulletin

On September 11, 2010 in celebration of "Patriots Day" (temperature 99 degrees that day), the Florida Society of the OFPA set up a recruiting tent at the Department of Environmental Protection's Olustee Battlefield State Park, Olustee, Florida. From left to right Mr. Ben Willingham - Director - Museum of Southern History, Jacksonville, FL; Raleigh Worsham - Governor of the Florida Society of the OFPA; and Randy Kerlin - Commander of the Florida Society of the Military Order of the Stars and Bars.

The Battle of Olustee was fought in February, 1864 when Union troops marched west from Jacksonville seeking to capture the state capitol, deprive the Confederacy of food and other supplies from Central Florida. The Battle of Olustee resulted in a Confederate victory and the containment of Union troops to the Jacksonville area until the war ended nearly 14 months later.

A joint meeting between of the OFPA - Florida Society, Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims, and our host "THE ADMIRAL GASPARD DE COLIGNY CHAPTER, HUGUENOT SOCIETY OF FLORIDA" was held on Oct. 30, 2010 at the "St. Petersburg Yacht Club, Florida". The OFPA business meeting was held just prior to this social event when much business was conducted relevant to our Society.

Fall 2009 Bulletin

FLCadet Brandon J. Downey (left) recieves award from Past Governor Peter M. Douglas.

Peter M. Douglas, Past Governor of the Florida Society, presented Cadet Brandon J. Downey an award at the University of South Florida’s ROTC Battalion Military Ball in Tampa, FL on April 16, 2009.

On March 10th the Florida Society’s Youth Fellowship member, Paul Pardee presented the colors and led the Pledge of Allegiance at our annual meeting. After which he donated the new American Flag, post, and stand to the Club at Eaglebrooke. Beth Primmer, Club Banquet Manager, accepted the Flag and thanked FSOFPA’s outgoing Governor, Donald Winslow, for the kindness of our gift.

Donald and his Wife Sarah Winslow attended the Sunday worship service at Saint James Episcopal Church., in New London, Ct, prior to leaving the General Court . The Rector told Don that St. James Parish has the unique distinction of being the Parish of The Rt. Rev Samuel Seabury, D.D. the first Episcopal Bishop in the United States who served from 1784 to 1789. The Bishop was Don’s great, great great great grandfather.

Spring 2009 Bulletin

New Florida Society member, Norman Freyer (right) and Donald Winslow (left).




New Florida Society member, Norman Freyer, and Donald Winslow. Freyer was inducted at the Heritage Meeting hosted by the Florida Society at the Eaglebroooke Country Club.
The meeting was attended by 80 guests who represented Heritage groups that included The Mayflower Society, DAR, SAR, SR, Colonial Dames, The Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims and others.

Fall Bulletin 2008

On March 15 the Florida Society held its Spring meeting at the Imperial Swan Hotel in Lakeland, Florida. Thirty five members and 25 guests attended. Governor Donald Winslow conducted the meeting.

Treasurer Jack Ashcraft presented the Florida Society Financial Report. He reported that the Florida Society is in excellent financial condition.The members voted to accept the report which was filed for audit. Secretary Dudley Wheeler, the designer of an automated Florida Society newsletter, explained how the newsletter can be accessed and how to contribute articles to it.

Governor Winslow highlighted the need for a volunteer to relieve Compatriot William Millman from duty as ‘temporary” Registrar. Winslow discussed the importance of seeking candidates for membership and how this might be accomplished. He pointed out that SAR and other heritage groups find publicity and interfacing with the public product. Junior membership in the Order was suggested as a good way of ensuring membership growth since Junior members become fully vested members when they become 18 years old.

The Florida Society was asked to and agreed to host the annual Florida Heritage Gathering to take place on October 25 2008. Thirty three Florida heritage groups expect to be

Spring Bulletin 2008

The Florida Society of The Order of The Founders and Patriots of America has six Youth Associate members. The newest member is Paul Pardee, the son of associate John A. Pardee, Associate of the Order. Donald Winslow, the Florida Society Governor inducted John as a member on October 27, 2007. Youth Associate membership is recognized as an important source of Associates of the Order. When Youth Associate members become 18 years of age they become eligible for election as associates of the Order without the payment of a fee if they take advantage of their eligibility on or before age 25.

Paul Pardee, the son of John A. Pardee, is inducted by Florida Society Governor Donald Winslow Membership as a Youth Associate in the Order provides an opportunity for the sons and grandsons of Associates of the Order to obtain a first-hand understanding of what the Order stands for and why it is an honor to be accepted as a member. Youth Associates are encouraged to attend meetings of the Florida Society. It is recognized that specific participatory programs need to be developed for Youth Associates so that they produce a sense of belonging and accomplishment. The development of these programs has been given high priority along with a mechanism to motivate Associates of the Order to sponsor the sons and grandchildren as Youth Associates.

Fall Bulletin 2007

ROTC Cadet Christopher Jordan accepts the Founders and Patriots of America Award from Fla Governor Donald F. Winslow.

Christopher Jordan, Florida Southern College Reserve Officers Training Corp Cadet, was awarded the Florida Society of the Founders and Patriots of America medal for superior military and academic performance.

The medal and certificate were presented by Donald F. Winslow, Governor of the Florida Society of the Founders and Patriots of America, at the Florida Southern College ROTC Military Ball that was recently held at Lone Palm Country Club in Lakeland.

Fall Bulletin 2004

Canaveral LightWhile the Florida Society was up to their proverbial ears in alligators with the preparations for the May General Court, they were able to squeeze in a few other activities along the way.

The Florida Society held its Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 20, 2004 at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club in Indian Harbour Beach (on the East coast), FL.

A total of 31 Associates, spouses, and guests attended, including DGG Dana Gowan and his wife, Sabrina. The group heard a talk by author Don David Argo about his recently completed Florida Historical novel Canaveral Light. In his research, Mr. Argo has identified more than 200 descendants of Florida Pioneers.

Cadet Roman & Governor Douglas
(L-R) Cadet Yaritza Roman and FLOFPA Governor Peter Douglas.

In April, the Florida Society had a number of ROTC Awards to present at area colleges: Governor Peter Douglas had the honor of presenting two Superior Achievement Awards to Cadet Brendaly Casanova (USF Air Force ROTC) and Cadet Yaritza Roman (USF ARMY ROTC); LTC Leslie Ordway made the presentation of the award to Cadet Jeffrey Kain (U of Tampa ARMY ROTC); and DGG Dana Gowan presented the award to Cadet Daniel F. Bair (Florida Southern College ARMY ROTC).

Deputy Governor Saul Montes-Bradley has made inroads in the Miami area and the Society can expect to make even more ROTC presentations next year.