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Colorado Society of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America

Founded 2007

Fall 2011 Bulletin

The Colorado Society held it's Spring Court belatedly on September 24, 2011 at the Eisenhower Grill located on the United State Air Force Academy's golf course (see photo). Governor Robert Walcott welcomed two new Associates residing in Colorado Springs,

CO-OFPA - Spring Court Photo (l to r):  Michael Orist, Registrar Gary Parrott, Matthew Bowdish, Governor Robert Walcott, David Coward

Michael Orist and Dr. Matthew Bowdish, and reported to the Society about the activities and accomplishments of the 115th General Court in New York. Governor Walcott then updated the Society regarding his discussions with Air Force Acadmy officials about endowing an award, in the name of the Order, to a distinguished graduating cadet. The only academic award currently unsponsored at the academy is the Outstanding Cadet in Systems Engineering Management Award. The award is in form of a metal falcon mounted on a wooden pedestal with a bronze plaque. It is presented during an Awards Convocation in late May, a day or two prior to graduation. A healthy discussion ensued culminating in a unanimous Colorado Society vote to temporary fund the award and thereby reserve its sponsorship for the Order. Further, the Governor was directed to report to the Governor General and the General Officers of the Order regarding sponsorship of this award and seek guidance, approval and additional funding for its permanent endowment.

In other news, the Colorado Society is currently drafting its initial bylaws, under the leadership of Associate David Coward, with a goal of formal adoption at the upcoming Fall Court. Additionally, last May Colorado Governor, Colonel Robert Walcott, a West Point graduate, was honored to represent the Order and present the OFPA award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering to Cadet Taylor C. Hirschey, Class of 2011 (see photo). The award is named in honor of Lieutenant General John McNair Wright, West Point 1940, and Past Governor General of the OFPA.

Spring 2011 Bulletin

The Colorado Society held its Winter Court at the Denver University Club on February 26, 2011 (see photo). Recent Society success in recruiting new Associates was discussed. The Society expressed its thanks to Associate David Barbour, currently serving as state Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar Pro Tem, whose hard work was responsible for the growth of the Society to 16 existing and pending Associates. The Colorado Society has struggled successfully to solidify its core membership since its initial formation three years ago and the issuance of its Charter by past Governor General John Bourne in March 2010.

Colorado Associates also discussed formalizing new by-laws for our young society and beginning to participate in and sponsor historical activities in Colorado. This spring the Colorado Society will be making inquiries at the U.S. Air Force Academy, with the intent of establishing an OFPA award to a graduating cadet, similar to awards already sponsored by the OFPA to graduating cadets at West Point and the Naval Academy. Last May, Colorado Society Governor, Colonel Robert J. Walcott, USAR (ret), a West Point graduate, presented the OFPA award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering to Cadet Nathaniel Sheehan, West Point Class of 2010 (see photo). The award is named in honor of Lieutenant General John MacNair Wright, West Point 1940, and past Governor General of the OFPA.