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Spring 2012 Bulletin

Members of CA-OFPA at Spring Meeting June 2011.

The Minutes of the Spring Meeting of CA-OFPA. were taken by Society Secretary Dr. Robert Lincoln. Thank you. Each OFPA member in turn gave a short description of their Founder and Patriot ancestor. Robert Bingham gave a great report on recent registration activity. Calvin Stafford and Don Cook have been approved as new members. Merrill Darlington's application was in process for approval. Prospective member George Ranney had a problem with the patriot ancestor that was holding up his application.

Wayne Rogers made a motion to form a nominating committee for CA-OFPA officer terms starting in January 2012. The motion forming the committee consisting of former CAOFPA governors Ken Walker, Michael Phelps, and David Eaton was passed unanimously.

Wayne Rogers discussed the presentation of ROTC certificates. Robert Bingham will represent CA-OFPA at the UCLA and USC ceremonies. Ken Walker will present at the Clairmont Colleges. Archer Frey will help and represent the CA-OFPA at presentations in northern California.

Fall 2011 Bulletin

Members of CA-OFPA at Spring Meeting June 2011.

Our Spring Meeting speaker was provided by the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of California
At The
Los Angeles Athletic Club
431 West Seventh Street
Los Angeles, California 90014
June 4, 2011

Participating Societies include Society of War of 1812 in the State of California; So. CA Branch of Sons and Daughters, Order of Founders and Patriots of America in the State of CA, Order of 1st Families of Maryland, and the Society of California Pioneers.

The Guest Speaker was Ms Heather Granados, who recently earned her Master‟s degree from Brooklyn College.

She has worked as Program Developer and Resident Historian for the Manhattan Sites of National Park Service. She has been keynote speaker for several societies including the DAR.
The presentation was on"Alexander Hamilton: New York City and Foundation of a Founding Father"

This was a very interesting presentation on a very unique founding father that is revealed on our ten dollar bill, serving as our nation's 1st Secretary of Treasury.

As then President and current VP Programs for the La Rochelle Chapter Of Huguenot Society, Gov. Wayne Rogers has subsequently asked this speaker to present this Presentation again, for the La Rochelle Chapter, since Alexander Hamilton is a Huguenot descendant, and spoke fluent French.
The last CA OFPA Business Meeting began at 10:30 AM, June 4th on the 4th floor in a board room.

New Members or Supplements Since May 2011- New Members or Supplements David Lawrence Grinnell Supplemental #2 approved 8 July 2011 Gregory Don Cooke date elected 15 July 2011 Calvin William Safford date elected 22 July 2011 (David Lawrence Grinnell supplemental #3 approved 04 Sept 2011) Prospective member, since May 2011 Merrill Darlington ( currently in process -awaiting Secretary Lincolns return of applications before materials are all sent on to Conn.) Some other miscellaneous persons sent information but no firm commitments. By Robert Bingham, Our Registrar.

The Minutes of the Spring Meeting of CA-OFPA.
were taken by Society Secretary Dr. Robert Lincoln.

June 4 Meeting of the Order of Founders and Patriots in America - California Society
Attendees: Wayne Rogers, Robert Lincoln, David Grinnell, Ken Lynch, James MacHargue, Ward White, Merrill Darlington, Richard Holly, Richard S. Hawley, Mr. Wallace, Robert Bingham, Jim Bingham, Jim Blauer, and a friend of David Grinnell.

The meeting was opened with the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance at 10:30 a.m. Governor Wayne Rogers gave obituaries of Ronald Yielding and Edward St. Germain.

As there were several attendees who were new to the others, each attendee introduced themselves and gave a short description of their Founder and Patriot ancestors. Robert Bingham talked about his recent ROTC presentations for USC/UCLA and his participation at a ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Library.

Wayne Rogers asked about our current Councillor positions. Robert Lincoln stated that based on past elections all Councillor positions are currently open. Ward White, James MacHargue, and David Grinnell volunteered to serve as a future Councillors.

Next meeting was announced for October 1. The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m. By Secretary Robert Lincoln.


Spring 2011 Bulletin

Charles Lampman Paul Davis, James Wallace, Robert Bingham, Robert Lincoln, Jon Rhoads, Ward White, Eric Stassforth. Not shown: Gov. Wayne Rogers,  Former CA Governors Ron Risley and David Eaton, and Associate Goodwin.

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

The invocation was given by Eric Stassforth and the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Ward White. During the meeting, each OFPA associate gave a brief summary of their Founder and Patriot ancestors.

Wayne Rogers reported on the health issues of Gen. John Wright. The registrar Robert Bingham reported that three new members had been approved for OPFA-CA.

Wayne Rogers asked that if any associates had attended any appropriate historical or OFPA activity meetings to let him know so that it could be included in the OPFA-CA annual report to national.

Paul Davis joined us, as a new member of OFPA from the Illinois Society. He is also a member of the New York Holland Society. Associate Goodwin is also one of our newest members, and belongs to the Order of First Familes of Kentucky. Other new prospective members are Peter Ford, Scott Driver.

At the same time as our last 2010 Meeting, Past governor Kenneth Walker and new Associate Gregg Rice were attending and actively participating in "Marching through History" Event. OFPA had a presentation and tent on Colonial America. Greg Rice's English Country Dancers were also present.

Fall Bulletin 2010

This year 2010 Gov. Rogers had a table with power point projector and screen up in the Hall of Champions at Azusa University, with copies of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation. Roger's table was next to the US President's Signature Exhibit in the VIP Room that saw 150 attendees.

Our Associate Gregg Rice was down on the Greens with Pavilion with color guard and English country dancers.

Gregg set up Pavilion and Colonial flags, equipment, Tents. He also brought along the English Country Dancers to the Event. The Color guard made several musket Volleys. A cannon was fired.

Wayne Rogers donated Why America is Free books to any student who could answer 10 questions on the Revolutionary War/Declaration of Independence. He gathered more people by displaying his Revolutionary Brown Bess Musket, than by a table of Books.

Spring Bulletin 2010

On October 2nd through 3rd, 2009, the Marching Through History (MTHE) at Prado Dame in Corona, California tool place. This included English Country Dance, Riverside SAR and CA-OFPA.

Wayne Rogers, OFPA, was loaned the use of a Small Pavilion from Gregg Rive, for revolutionary and colonial flags, genealogical, colonial historic artifacts and membership brochures and books. Wayne was able to educate visitors, and talk about the "Why America is Free" book and curriculum, as well as participate in color guard events. CA OFPA members (Ken Walker, Gregg Rice, and Wayne Rogers), show Marine Pups some Colonial and Revolutionary History at Small Pavilion of SAR and OFPA colonial and revolutionary education, genealogy and history.

Fall 2009 Bulletin


This year, California Governor Wayne Rogers presented an exhibit at Azusa University’s L.A. History Day in hopes of getting “Why America Is Free” into the classroom.

Complete with a PowerPoint slideshow, a projector and a screen, Rogers set up his exhibit in the Hall of Champions, displaying copies of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.

Rogers table was next to the U.S. President’s Signature Exhibit in the VIP room that saw 150 attendees. Rogers distributed “Why American Is Free” to principals, teachers and students.

Past Governor General and Society Treasurer General Michael Phelps and Society Gov and Genealogist General Wayne J. Rogers attended the 113th General Court at the Radisson Hotel in New London, CT. It was fun and enjoyable as usual. If you have not attended consider doing it.

Spring 2009 Bulletin

On September 27, 2008, California officers Robert Bingham, Robert Lincoln PhD and Jon Rhoades present an OFPA Certificate to new associate Ward White.

Present at the meeting were Ron Yielding, Ward White, James Wallace, Ron Lotz, Robert Bingham, Robert Lincoln PhD, Jon Rhoades and Wayne Rogers.

Officers were nominated and elected at the meeting.

Wayne Rogers and Archer Frey flew up to Sacramento for the Northern California OFPA meeting that included several members of the Sacramento SAR chapter. The CA OFPA Meeting took place at the Buggy Whip Restaurant just before the Sacramento SAR chapter meeting.

Fall Bulletin 2008

On July 16, Compatriot Wayne Rogers traveled to West Granville, MA to find the grave site of his Patriot Captain Aaron Coe.

Given the compelling story of his ancestors told throughout the generations, compatriot Wayne Rogers wanted to find the grave of this Patriot.

He first traveled from California to Buffalo, NY, and drove to a cousin’s home in Standards, NY. The next day his cousin and he drove from Western New York to Massachusetts.

His cousin and he then went on the Mass Turnpike to Exit 2 and traveled on to Rt 20 to Route 8, and on to Rt 57. They then reached West Granville, MA, where his Patriot Aaron Coe, Descendant of his Founder Robert Coe, was supposed to be buried.

Looking up the road leading to the Cemetery, the first tombstone found was the grave stone of Captain Aaron Coe’s second wife.

Widdow Mary Coe. Wayne Rogers had descendants from Aaron Coe by his first wife (Pvt Ithamar Coe) and by his second wife (Ensign Seymour Coe). The greatest find was the tombstone of Captain (Deacon) Aaron Coe.

The grave stone of Captain Aaron Coe had an SAR Grave Marker, and it also had an epitaph on his stone, which reads as follows (with some correction of old English to new):

SACRED To the Memory of Dec^n Aaron Coe who died October of the 20th 1794 in the 61st year of his Age. Thou death hath sealed in the grave the religious Truth. Tis but an endure Vaulded Kind When the last trumpet shall rend The tomb shall Burst the Sleeping, doth arise.

After Ticonderoga, he returned to Granville MA and took care of the invalid that returned after the end of the war. He was well liked by his Militia and his townsmen. Per history, Captain(Deacon) Coe was buried 1794 with military honors, but there is no mention of his rank on his tombstone, or that he served in the Revolutionary War.

Still the hand of history weaves and Rogers learned through genealogy and family history to become humbled by the lives that have pre-existed his and that he is not really as great as he may have imagined that he is mere bone and flesh that has been born from their spirit, of their pre-existance beliefs of life beyond their mortality.

Compatriot Rogers states that he “really has no great patriot notables published in great history books, but merely a large number of very hard working patriots (28) who sacrificed, secured and survived so that he might exist eventually that their spirit might persist beyond their earthly time of existence. So men do not merely live by bread alone but something much more beyond our earthly beliefs. To look back to them, with the slight and almost
unimportant things of , is to get a glimpse of them in their contingencies and endeavors.”

Spring Bulletin 2008

Taking place at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, the fall meeting on September 29th of 2007 proved to be an interesting one. Society Associate, Councilor and Past Governor General Lt. General (Ret.) John MacNair Wright was awarded this summer as the “2007 Distinguished Graduate” award by theAssociation of Graduates (West Point). Further along in the meeting, Wayne Rogers announced as part of the Governor’s report (see photo below) that OFPA-CA had won the Parrish Award given to the top OFPA Society. There will be a new award in future years for the smaller societies.

Fall Bulletin 2007

A total of 14 outstanding ROTC participants were awarded in 2007 (11 cadets and three midshipmen) the breakdown between northern California and southern California is as follows: In Northern California, Seven (7) ROTC participants are awarded (six cadets and one midshipman) received the Order’s award for 2007. Each individual receives the Order’s Certificate appropriately signed and given in a presentation frame along with the Order’s ROTC medal with ribbon and separate ribbon bar. Among the northern schools presented at: UCD and CSUS at Davis, Army; USF, Army; UC Berkeley Navy and Army and SCU, Army. Archer Frey (Col Ret) scheduled participants for presentations, and he made the majority of the presentations. James Faukinbury, Soc. Registrar assisted in a number.

Seven (7) remarkable ROTC participants are awarded in the Southern California (five cadets and two midshipman) receive the Order’s award for 2007. Each individual received the Order’s Certificate appropriately signed and including calligraphy, some in frames, along with the Order’s ROTC medal with ribbon and separate ribbon bar. Among the southern schools presented at: USC -AFROTC; CSU at Fullerton-Army, San Diego State and U of SD-NROTC, AFROTC; CSU at San Bernardino -AFROTC; UCLA- NROTC; Claremont -McKenna College -Army. Wayne Rogers, Gov. scheduled participants for presentations in the South, and he made presentations. Past Gov Ken Walker and NG Soldier of the Year presented as well as Councilor Ron Lotz and Associate Robert Bingman.

Fall Bulletin 2006

From left to right: CDT Daniel R. Winistorfer (UC Davis), Associate Archer C. Frey, CDT Roldando J. Medina (Calif. State Univ. at Sacramento) , Associate Jim W. Faulkinbury, ROTC battalion commander, LTC Mark W. Connelly, and BG Joseph Schroedel.

The California Society’s Spring Meeting, April 29th, 2006 was held in the Los Angeles Board Room on the 4th Floor of the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The Treasurer’s Report was prepared by Michael Phelps but read by Dave Eaton. Dave Eaton stated that expenditures are greater than income. Wayne Rogers indicated that any donations at the meeting in excess of $250 would be matched by Michael Phelps. $100 donations were subsequently pledged by Dave Eaton, William Goddard Light, Wayne Rogers and Kenneth Walker.

Fall Bulletin 2003

The Roll Call of the Wars

The first annual Memorial Wreath was presented today, at Riverside National Cemetery. The Wreath was displayed adjacent to the Bronze Plaque, which was dedicated by CA/OFPA, on Memorial Day, 1998.

The National Cemetery Bronze Plaque Project was the creation of former CA/OFPA Secretary, Gale Thomas Howe Cornwell, and was first implemented in 1998, during the term of Governor David W. Eaton.

The Annual Memorial Day Wreath Presentation was the recommended concept of former CA/OFPA Secretary, and the late Richard L. Schmidt, and was first implemented in 2002, during the term of Governor Edward A. St. Germain, Esquire.

The Invocation was provided by Compatriot Keith Palmer, Secretary of the Coachella Valley Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.

The Pledge of Allegiance was given by OFPA Past Governor General and Lt. General, John M. Wright.

General Remarks about the CA/OFPA Memorial Day Projects were provided. The National Cemetery Bronze Plaques and Memorial Wreaths honor the more than 42 million Americans who served during all of America's Wars, particularly the more than 1 million, who paid with the ultimate sacrifice. There are more than 20 million living veterans of all of the wars.

The Wreath was presented by Compatriot Palmer and Associate and CA/OFPA Genealogist Wayne Rogers.

The Roll Call of the Wars was read by Associate Rogers.

The Bell was struck for each of America's Wars by Compatriot Palmer.

Compatriot Palmer and Associate Rogers gave a brief overview of their respective Revolutionary War Era Uniforms.

Associate Rogers lead the assembled in the Lord's Prayer. The Program was closed, with acknowledgements.