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The Bulletin
Bulletin Issues Each year in the Spring and Fall Associates receive a 32-page issue of the Bulletin, the Order's official publication. The full range of news about what the Order and State Societies are doing is reported in detail. In addition, historical articles written by Associates are featured.

Register of Lineages of Associates
Register of Lineages of AssociatesNot since 1926 has The Order of the Founders and Patriots of America compiled such a complete record of the names and genealogical data of every Associate from General Order Number 1 in 1896 to General order Number 4967! The new Register of Lineages of Associates is a landmark publication featuring the lineage of each Associate and identification of each Founder and Patriot Ancestor.

This elegant, hardback Four Volume set of valuable genealogical data will be prized for years not only by libraries and genealogical societies, but by all students of American genealogy and by those whose families are recorded therein for posterity. Printed by Genealogical Publishing Company of Baltimore.

The Register - Volume 5
Register of Lineages of Associates, 4968-5383

Register of Lineages of AssociatesThe Register - volume five is now available. All lineages for all Associates whose national numbers are between 4968 and 5383 have been included. A must for each of you to share with future generations of your family or as a special gift for family members. Surely, owners and donors of the first four volume set will want to complete their sets with this fifth volume.

Generously compiled, as a gift to the Order by Associate Volney H. Rattan, of the Virginia Society, this volume contains an all surname index of over 8000 names. Order now to insure the delivery of your copy.

Please go to our Online Store to place an order for Volume 5 or to let us know of your interest in Volumes 1 - 4.

SECOND REVISED EDITION Founders of Early American Families - Now Available

The original 370 page edition of Founders of Early American Families, published in 1975, was rapidly sold out. It contained historical information about some 3,300 male heads of families who emigrated to the 13 original colonies from 1607 to 1657.

The Revised Edition of 468 pages, published in 1985, also sold out, was re-printed in 1993 and has been out of print since 1999. It featured data on about 4,400 emigrants - plus a history of The Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, eligibility requirements, a roster of current members, an interesting discussion of where early colonists came from, illustrations of prominent colonists and early residences that may be visited today, data on Coats of Arms and a valuable guide to further genealogical research.

The new Second Revised Edition of 491 pages contains 90 more Founder names plus all of the Founder family data in the 1985 Edition, a roster of current members, Governors, General Officers and a list of all past Governors General of the Order.

Family historians and genealogists will find this book an invaluable addition to their library. It is priced at $35.00, including shipping and handling.

Please go to our Online Store to place an order for Founders of Early American Families

Steadfast for God and Country

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