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Founder and Patriot: Sgt. Francis Nichols and Joseph Nichols

The Founding of Georgia

Success of the 1st Annual Dinner of the Order New York Times, 1897

La Fayette

The Baronets of New England

Lemuel Cook: Oldest Survivor of the Revolutionary War

Evacuation Day 25 November 1783

The Governor General's Gavel and Case

Guidelines for the Wearing of Regalia

The Pirate Patriots

George Washington: Master of Misinformation

The Medical History of George Washington

Patriot Walter Woodbury

The Trial of John Peter Zenger in 1735

Ulysses S. Grant 3d Dies

The Humanism of the Founding Fathers

Philadelphia in the Nation's History

The Western Reserve or New Connecticut

Alexander Spotswood - Knight of the Golden Horse Shoe

The Role of Thacher's Island in the American Revolution

The Swedish come the America

The Siege of Louisbourg

Australia and the American Revolution

Founders and Patriots Heraldry

Recovery of the remains of Patriot John Paul Jones

Not worth a Continental

The Ghost Phillip Babb

Education in Massachusetts Bay

The Continental Navy