New Jersey Society of the
Order of Founders and Patriots of America

Founded: 24 April 1896

Fall 2011 Bulletin

NJ-OFPA swearing in ceremony. Left to right: Gov-Elect Harry P. Folger, III, Jim Smith (Registrar), Tim Salmon (Councillor), Francis Wood (Treasurer), David Mulford (Chaplin), Louis Miller (Secretary/States Attorney), Mike Dunham (Councillor), Kevin Elliot (Councillor), Denis Woodfield (Councillor General), Joel Riggs (Councillor), Henry Swain (Councillor)

On 23 April 2011, the New Jersey Society inducted new officers for 2011 through 2013. The swearing in ceremony by Gov-Elect Harry P. Folger, III for those present is shown in this picture.

We had the 2nd of a trilogy of the 3rd Battalion Gloucester County New Jersey Militia involvement in the Revoluntary War. Rev Norman Goos discussed their participation at the Battle of Red Bank in October 1777. The

British determined that this Fort impeded their occupation of Philadelphia and hence had to be taken. As history shows, the Hessians marching down from Haddonfield in the Northeast, had little new knowledge of the reconfiguration of the fort that had taken place. Consequently, they were literally ambushed in attacking that portion which was no longer in defensive framework and easily rebuffed in the attack.

James Smith
413 Medford Leas
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