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Fall 2012 Bulletin

The Florida Society held its Spring Meeting on October 31, 2012 at the Eaglebrooke Country Club in Lakeland, Florida. Offi cers Raleigh Worsham, Governor; Ed Engelhardt, Secretary; Ed Neugaard, Chaplain; Ronald Benson, were present.

Ronald Benson was the speaker and his presentation was “Who do you think you are?” The main story lines where (1) Jesse Ellis who was a soldier during the War of 1812 (had 20 children and lived to be 100 years old), (2) His wife’s father who was a soldier during the War of 1812 and killed and scalped by Indians, (3) His wife’s paternal grandfather who was wounded at Bunker Hill, (4) His wife’s maternal line between the Revoluti onary War and War of 1812 which includes the Pennamite-Yankee war, (5) the inter-related story of Andrew Westbrook who was considered the worst traitor in Ontario but an American hero.

Reports were given by our secretary and treasurer and I can say that our finances are in good order. Our fall meeting will be a joint meeting with the Huguenots on Nov. 3, 2012 at the Tampa Bay Yacht Club.



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