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Spring 2012 Bulletin

Our regular fall meeting was called off at the last minute at the end of October due to the freak snow storm that left over half of the state without power for weeks. We normally look forward to meeting with a half dozen small patriotic societies before the Massing of the Colors which gathers so many attendees from a long list of patriotic societies in Connecticut.

I'm pleased to report that our associates all weathered the storm and the aftermath. We look forward to our next meeting.

The Society presented ROTC Medals to Cadets from the University of Connecticut. Army Cadet Cole Campbell was presented his award on April 5, 2012, by Connecticut Society member and Deputy Registrar General Kenneth Duane Roach at ceremonies held on Camp Niantic, a Connecticut Army National Guard Training Center.

The Air Force ROTC award ceremony was held April 29, 2012, on the campus of the University of Connecticut. Air Force Cadet Alexis Thomsen was presented her award by DPG Kenneth Duane Roach.

Both Cadets, in addition to the medal, ribbon and certificate, were presented with a scholarship of $100.

Fall 2011 Bulletin

The OFPA ROTC Medal was presented to University of Connecticut Army ROTC Cadet Christopher Eidam by the Connecticut Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, March 26, 2011. The award ceremony was held on the Campus of the University of Connecticut. The Connecticut Society also presented the ROTC Medal to University of Connecticut Air Force ROTC Cadet Adran Riley at ceremonies conducted April 16, 2011. Immediate Past Governor of the CTOFPA Kenneth Roach made the presentations on behalf of the Society.

Spring 2011 Bulletin

On March 20, 2010, the Connecticut Society presented the OFPA ROTC Award to Army Cadet Allen Broyles at the Annual Spring Awards Ceremony on the campus of the University of Connecticut. Additionally, the OFPA ROTC Award was also presented to Air Force Cadet Daniel Ray at the Annual Air Force ROTC Ball on April 10 held in the historic Wilbur Cross Building on campus.

The fall meeting of the Connecticut Order of the Founders and Patriots of America was held at Lee's Log Cabin in Lebanon. Present were Governor Ken Roach, Past Governor General Joe Kilbourn, Chris Nichols, Bob Wolff, Steve Shaw, Dave Perkins, Rev. Jerry Carroon, Tim Jacobs, and Damien Cregeau. Stephen Shaw was sworn in as the new governor. Congratulations, Stephen!





CTOFPA Newsletter Vol 7 Iss 1

CTOFPA Newsletter Vol 7 Iss 2

CTOFPA Newsletter Vol 8 Iss 1

In separate ceremonies Past Governor Kenneth D. Roach presented the OFPA ROTC Medal and Certificate to Cadets from the University of Connecticut. US Army ROTC Cadet Christopher Eidam received the ROTC Medal on 26 March 2011. US Air Force Cadet Adran Riley received the ROTC Medal on 16 April 2011.

Fall Bulletin 2010

On March 20, 2010, at the Connecticut Society presented the OFPA ROTC Award to Army Cadet Allen Broyles at the Annual Spring Awards Ceremony on the campus of the University of Connecticut. Additionally, the OFPA ROTC Award was also presented to Air Force Cadet Daniel Ray at the Annual Air Force ROTC Ball on April 10 held in the historic Wilbur Cross Building on campus.

The Connecticut Society will once again participate in the Massing of the Colors to be held this year in Lebanon, CT on October 24, 2010. The annual gathering of Hereditary and Patriotic Societies from throughout Connecticut is a highlight event that brings together all organizations with a society in the state as Connecticut celebrates its 375th Anniversary.

Spring Bulletin 2010

The 2009 Massing of the Colors of the Hereditary and Patriotic Societies of Connecticut was hosted by the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Connecticut at the Church of Christ in Wethersfield on November 1st. As always, turnout was great and the pageantry was impressive. Associate Bob Wolff carried our colors proudly. Other Connecticut Associates in attendance were Ken Roach, Tim Jacobs, Stephen Shaw, Jerry Carroon and Chris Nichols. The keynote speaker was Author, Daniel Cruson. He provided a colorful and compelling narrative of the Battle of Ridgefield.

The 2010 ROTC Award Ceremony for the University of Connecticut has been scheduled on the Campus for March 20, 2010. The Connecticut Society, OFPA, will once again present its ROTC Medal to a Cadet nominated by the ROTC Professors and Military Staff. Our Society has presented the Award for the past several years and the Army Staff has been extremely grateful for the Society’s support. The date of the Air Force ROTC Award Ceremony has yet to be determined.

Fall 2009 Bulletin

Ken Roach (left) with Cadet Matthew Abrantes.

Ken Roach (left) with Cadet Matthew Abrantes.


Connecticut Society Governor Ken Roach presented the OFPA Superior Achievement Award to Army ROTC Cadet Matthew Abrantes at a ceremony on the University of Connecticut campus March 21, 2009.




Spring 2009 Bulletin

The 2009 elected officers of Connecticut, from left to right:
Ken Roach, Robert Rowland, Don Rowland & Harold Osgood



The 43rd Annual Massing of the Colors of the Hereditary & Patriotic Societies was held on Sunday, October 26, 2008 in New Milford.

The Connecticut DAR hosted the event. A catered luncheon was held at the Candlewood Valley Country Club. The service began at 3:00 p.m. at the First Congregational Church of New Milford. A formal photograph was taken on the steps of the church.

The guest speaker of the event was Deborah Calhoun, Director of the Afrikan-American Cultural Awareness Association. She has done extensive research on the Underground
Railroad in Connecticut, particularly in New Milford and provided an excellent dissertation. It was a beautiful day and the turnout was excellent. Also on October 26, 2008 was the
Induction of the Connecticut Officers.

Fall Bulletin 2008

Taken inside the New London Schoolhouse with the wreath presented by the CT OFPA in honor of the dedication and grand opening, from left to right, Robert G. Carroon, Kenneth D. Roach, and Stephen P. Shaw.

Connecticut is looking forward to hosting and coordinating the Order’s 2009 General Court, most likely at the Radisson Hotel in New London. Stephen Shaw is heading up the organization of the event, currently assisted by Ken Roach and Rev. Carroon; and we are always looking for more volunteers to get involved and participate. The OFPA participated in the dedication and grand opening of the permanent exhibit on Nathan Hale at the Nathan Hale Schoolhouse in New London June 21, 2008. At the end of March, a joint hereditary society meeting was held at J. Michaels Tavern in Wethersfield. Attending were members from the Connecticut Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America; the Connecticut Society, General Society Sons of the Revolution; the Order of Descendants of Pirates and Privateers; the Nathan Hale Society, and the Society of the War of 1812.

Summer Bulletin 2008

Meeting of Five Heritage Societies

A joint heritage society meeting was held at J. Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville, CT on 27 October 2007. Attending were members from the Connecticut Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America; the Connecticut Chapter, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America; the Connecticut Society, Sons of the Revolution; the Order of Descendants of Pirates and Privateers; and the Nathan Hale Society. Massing of the Colors 2007 The Massing of the Colors (MOTC) was held on 21 October 2007 at the First Church of Christ Congregational (founded in 1710), West Hartford, CT. Forty-one hereditary societies participated: The oldest was the Society of the Cincinnati, which was established in 1783; the newest, the Order of Descendants of Pirates and Privateers, was formed in 2002. The MOTC centers on the presentation of the flags of the various societies, which makes for quite a colorful display. Stephen Ferriss, our Governor, carried the OFPA flag for Connecticut. The First Company, Governor’s Foot Guard (made the presentation of the American Flag. Formed in 1771, the Guard is the oldest military organization in continuous service in the United States.


Associates present at the MOTC
(clockwise from upper left in photo, below): Councilors Kenneth Roach, and Stephen Shaw, The Rev. Canon Robert Carroon, Past Governor Skip Persson, Councilors Ted Little, Dana Gowen and Governor Stephen Ferriss.


Fall Bulletin 2007

A joint meeting of the Connecticut and Rhode Island Societies was held at the General Stanton Inn in Charlestown, RI on 09 June 2007.

Prior to the joint meeting, a quorum of Councilors of the Connecticut Society (photo, previous page shows Associates/Officers of the CT Society who attended the joint CT-RI meeting in June) met to consider a number of issues including dues and membership.
History of the Society: Our Genealogist, Edward Hapgood Little, is working on a history of the Connecticut Society. If you have any historical documents that might help—old copies of The Bulletin; old membership lists, old officer lists, old copies of any Connecticut newsletters please send them our way.

R-L: Skip Persson, Tim Jacobs, Joe Kilbourn, Steve Ferriss, Ted Little, and Bob Wolff.

Society welcomed all to the joint meeting. Our Governor, Steve Ferriss, offered the thanks of the Connecticut Society to Rhode Island Associates for organizing the joint session and arranging for our speaker.

Fall Bulletin 2006

The Connecticut and the Rhode Island Societies met, with over 30 members
and wives in attendance, had a great meeting this past June at the Griswold
Inn in Essex, Ct. We were joined by the Governor of the New Jersey Society,
Dr. George Hill and his wife Helene. Our speaker was Past Governor General
Robert Vivian, and his wife Joan attended as well. Governor Harold Sands of
the Rhode Island Society presented an update on the activities of that Society.
Past Governor General Bob Vivian spoke on the Popham Colony of New
England which was in present day Maine, and which predated the Mayflower
arrival. If you are interested in learning more about the Colony, please contact PGG Vivian.

The Connecticut Society Officers during a brief business meeting.  
Built in 1776, the Griswold Inn is America’s oldest continually operating inn, and the part of Essex’s Main Street on which the Griswold Inn stands was originally owned by John Pratt, Jr. in 1733  

Fall Bulletin 2005

The Connecticut Society and the Rhode Island Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America held a joint luncheon meeting at the Shelter Harbor Inn in Westerly, RI on Saturday, 11th June 2005. The Shelter Harbor Inn was originally a farm house that dates back to the early 1800’s. Our luncheon room was all glass, looking out on a patio.

The Connecticut Society held a brief business meeting before the joint meeting. Robert P. Vivian, Governor General of our Order with Timothy Lester Jacobs, Registrar General, who was present for the joint gathering, was also kind enough to attend our Society session.

At this meeting, the Associates present approved our revised Constitution and Bylaws, as recommended by the Society Council. Any Associate who would like a copy of these can request it from joined with the Rhode Island Associates around noon for cocktails and then lunch. A highlight of the gathering was a presentation by Major Ron Sullman of the Varnum Continentals, Rhode Island Militia. Maj. Sullman has been collecting flags for nearly fifty years and spoke to us about the American flag, its origins and development from the Cross of St. George through the first unofficial flag of the United States, shown in photo, which was in use from the 1st of January 1776 to the 4th of July 1776. Maj. Sullman wore the uniform of an officer of the period and explained its design and the meaning of various colors used in such uniforms. Maj. Sullman can be reached at GG Vivian and our Society Governor, Charles C. Lucas, welcomed Marshall Keith Robinson of Cheshire, CT as the latest member of our Society. Associate Robinson’s founder is Edmund Rice, who was in Sudbury, MA in 1639; his Patriot is Ephraim Rice of Brookfield, MA

Governor General Robert P. Vivian with Register General Timothy Lester Jacobs

Spring Bulletin 2005

Governors Perrson and Lucas Our Executive Council recently met at the fine colonial home of Past Gov Skip Perrson. As always the food and hospitality were wonderful. Much was discussed to further the work of our unique Order.
(L-R) Former CT Gov Skip Perrson with our new CT Gov Charles Lucas, M.D.
Executive Council
Below (L-R) At the CTOFPA Council Meeting. Seated PGG Joe
Kilbourn, Ted Little and Bob Wolff. Standing: Dick Sage, RG
Tim Jacobs, Past Gov Frank Romig, Gov Charles Lucas, Past Gov
Skip Perrson, GG Stephen Shaw, Steve Ferriss and Dana Gowen

Fall Bulletin 2004

Harvey Barnum, Jr., Jack Jacobs, Michael Daly & Frank Romig
(L-R) Harvey C. Barnum, Jr, Jack H. Jacobs, Michael J. Daly, and Past Governor Frank Romig. Three of only four Medal of Honor Recipients in Connecticut were guests at our Oct 9th meeting.

The CTOFPA had an incredible evening meeting in Berlin, CT on October 9th with many very honorable guests.Col. Harvey C. Barnum, Jr, USMC (Ret.) was recognized with the National Distinguished Service Award which was presented by Governor General Bob Vivian. Followed by a reading of proclamation from the state Governor M. Jodie Rell to congratulate Col. Barnum.

Col. Barnum gave an impressive talk which was from the heart. In the end, praising the Order for “Remembering the Patriots who have made this country great and helping today’s youth understand the importance of defending liberty and democracy”.

Also on hand were Major General William A. Cugno, the Adjutant General of the State of Connecticut; Patriot Evans E. Kerrigan, past officer of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, recipient of the Navy Cross, and three time recipient of the Purple Heart; and Patriot Jack H. Jacobs, Colonel, US Army (retired), currently military Correspondent for NBC and MSNBC, and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Gov Gen Vivian also inducted a new slate of officers lead by Dr. Charles Clement Lucas, Jr as the new Governor of CTOFPA.

Spring Bulletin 2004

The Connecticut Society held its October membership meeting on the 11th at Dandy Lions Restaurant in Windsor, CT. This was a joint meeting with the Connecticut Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America and Connecticut OFPA; spouses were invited. The day began with each Society holding separate business meetings.

Governor Persson explained that the Connecticut Society has made a commitment to our Order to obtain 24 new members during 2003-2004. We have had good progress to date; however, Registrar Timothy Jacobs has been so effective in processing applications that we now have very few in the pipeline. Skip pointed out that one reason for having the OFPA-DFPA joint meeting was to swap information on possible members. He explained that DFPA membership is limited to the father's and mother's father's lines while OFPA allows three additional lines; therefore, DFPA members may have relatives who are eligible for OFPA membership and are not aware of it. In addition to discussing membership at this meeting, Skip will send a letter to each Connecticut DFPA member explaining OFPA membership requirements.

Tim and DaveTim Jacobs received a Diploma for his second supplemental line. Most of us remember how difficult it was to prove the line that gave us membership in the Order. Tim became a member on his Kelsey line, obtained his first supplemental for his Harris line and now has proved a second supplemental: Founder John Baker who settled at Charlestown, MA, 1636 and Patriot John Baker of Norwich, CT. Tim promises, however, that this is his last supplemental.

Fall Bulletin 2003

Annual Membership 
(L-R) Kenneth Olson, Robert Wolff and William Vreudge

The Connecticut Society held its annual membership meeting at the Curtis House in Woodbury, Connecticut this past May 17th. Following the business meeting, a luncheon with spouses began with a prayer by Chaplain Dana Loomis Gowen and the Pledge of Allegiance led by Deputy Governor Charles Clement Lucas. The Hon. Richard W. Crane, First Selectman, Town of Woodbury, welcomed the Society and its guests to Woodbury.

After the presentation of new Associate Diplomas to Stephen James Ferriss and William Ring Vreugde, and a Supplemental certificate to Timothy Lester Jacobs, Ms. Sarah Griswold, Executive Director of the Glebe House, spoke about the history of the Glebe House [1750] and its garden designed by Gertrude Jekyll.

The final activity of the afternoon tour of the Glebe House and garden. Associates were able to stand in the room where in 1776 Samuel Seabury was elected the first Bishop in the new world, signaling the breaking away of the American Episcopal Church from the Anglican Church and its dependence upon the monarchy in England.

Thanks for the success of this meeting are due to Society Secretary, Kenneth Vance Olson who administered the reservations, made an excellent presentation on OFPA regalia, and ran a raffle that was not only successful but also fun. Top prize: a Paul Revere bowl made by Woodbury Pewterers. The proceeds go to the Society's developing student awards fund.