Necktie - Medallion Logo
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Price: $52.00
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This is the tie our membership clamored for at last year's General Court.

It is considered, by many Associates, to be the quintessential tie of the Order.

The ties are hand crafted in England for our vendor Ben Silver of Charleston specifically for our Order.

We've run tests in our OFPA Underwriter Laboratories and the "Medallion tie" has consistently proven to:
a) make associates look 10 years younger
b) appear smarter when making random comments at the General Court
c) inexplicably draw women to you in semi-formal settings
d) generate more offers of free drinks than a prudent associate would dare take advantage of

Due to demand, we are limiting initial orders to Two (2) per Associate and six (6) per State Society thru June 2014.

The Mass. Society, for instance, awards Medallion ties to new members when they are inducted and had requested an initial order of twelve (12).

You have been alerted, don't fall into the trap of "analysis paralysis" buy yours today!

NOTE: Only current OFPA members are allowed to order merchandise.