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Founders and Patriots of America

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Eligibility Requirements

Any man of the age of eighteen years, of good moral character and reputation and a citizen of the United States, who is lineally descended in the male line of either parent, from an ancestor who settled in any of the Colonies now included in the United States of America prior to 13 May 1657 and one or all of whose intermediate ancestors in the same line. who lived in the period of the Revolution. from 1775 to 1783, adhered as patriots to the cause of the Colonies, shall be eligible for membership in the Order. - - - In addition, if the father or either the paternal or maternal grandfather of the prospective member met these qualifications he would also be eligible.

The male descendants of any Associate --- shall also be eligible to membership. provided that the claims of such descendant shall be traced anew from the qualifying ancestors.

All applicants shall be recommended by two Associates in the Order.

The lineage requirements contain the following elements.

  • Descent from a Founding Ancestor
  • Descent from a Patriot Ancestor who is a descendant in the male line from the Founding Ancestor.
  • Descent from the Patriot Ancestor in the male line to one of the following individuals whose relationship to the applicant is stated.
  • Father F
  • Mothers Father MF
  • Father's Maternal Grandfather FMF
  • Maternal Grandfather of Mother's Father MFMF
  • Maternal Grandfather of Father's Father FFMF

These five options represent individuals whose male line of ancestry includes both the Patriot and the Founder ancestor. The ancestor diagram below indicates the relationship of each of these to the applicant. For clarity and convenience the letters F and M are used to indicated fathers and mothers respectively. Thus in the above listing the sequence of fathers and mothers is indicated on the right. This same pattern is used in the following diagram Allowable lineages are indicated in bold type and also by the numbers above.

Thanks to Newman A. Hall, PhD for producing the requirements section.

How to Join

Anyone who believes that he is eligible and is interested in filing an application for membership should contact an Associate of the Order or write to the address shown below. Your inquiry will be forwarded to an appropriate State Society, which will provide details relative to the filing of an application and the fees and dues structure, as well as a instructions for demonstrating claim to eligibility for membership.

For more information please fill out this form and we will send you a brochure. If you have a family line that you think is eligible, please fill out the following form. If it meets our requirements, we'll let you know and send you more membership information. As stated above there are 5 possible lines that can be used.